Monday, September 7, 2009

Surgery Update And More

I received a call Tuesday from VA advising me of a new surgery date September 19 at 2:15pm. I quickly told them this was the same time they had scheduled my third surgery and had to cancel because of the window they had to start and finish the procedure. The person on the other end then said how about September 10th at 6am. I advised that would be great and to mark me down for that time. Sandy received a call while I was at Canton First Monday on Wednesday and they advised they had a cancellation on Thursday morning and could I come then. She advised them that wouldn’t work as I was taking the large aspirin and she understood you had to be off that of 7 to 10 days before any surgery. The person said “yes, that's right so we will keep the September 10th date”. So bar any last minute changes I hope the fourth time will be a charm and I can get this behind me. Will update results later.

I had an interesting Canton First Monday weekend. I ran the booth Thursday Sept 3rd thru Saturday noon Sept 6th by myself. Now just imagine me a guy selling a ladies accessory the “Chameleon purse insert”. Well let me tell you I didn’t do that bad of a job. The ladies listen to my sales pitch on out great this was for them and how it would really make their hubbies happy as they would not have to wait so long when they changed purses. The month was like any prior Labor Day Canton weekend as far as crowd. I might add the first few days we had a cool front come in first of the week and it really made things nice until Sunday when it turned hot again.
Sandy would normally arrive at Canton Friday night after work but this was an exception as her Great Niece from Arkansas had come down to Longview to meet family. And what a cutie she is.
Meet Caris Schutz.

image-2Sandy took her Mom over to her sisters house Saturday morning to meet and visit with Caris, her Mom and Dad. She left about 10 am for Canton and took over my job around noon. I was glad to retire as I had missed my afternoon naps and her excellent cooking. Yes, she out sold me in the day and a half she worked the booth.

We left Canton Sunday evening for Lone Star and arrived about 8:30 pm in the dark. This refreshed my view point on traveling after dark and trying to set the coach up in the dark. Will do a better Job the next time of getting out a little earlier. Normally we would wait and come back to base Monday morning but since Sandy has a real job now we have to leave Sunday evening.

!cid_4_384012445@web36301_mail_mud_yahoo September 11th is this Friday, I like every American will remember this date as long as I live. We live in difficult times and are fighting untraditional wars to keep our freedom, I want to personally thank every service woman and man that is serving this country and may God be at their sides, comfort them at all times and bring each home safely to their loved ones.


I recently read Rollie &  Gina’s journal where their son Thomas recently graduated from the US Marine boot camp. I know they are very proud of him. We too are proud of him as he serves this great Nation of ours.   I hope they don’t mind me posting his photo on our journal. He’s such a fine good looking Marine and we will add him to our prayer list.


What is that Bugs Bunny saying…..”Well that’s all folks”.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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