Thursday, September 24, 2009

Getting Ready For First Monday At Canton

Sandy and I were up this morning at 5:45 am so we could get an early start to Longview for our grocery shopping for her Mom and us before we leave for Canton in the morning. We were off before 7am and you would not believe the traffic on Hwy 259 to Longview. We want do this again. Motorist going to and from work, school zones and school buses.
I haven’t run into this since my working days in Austin TX where I drove to work from Austin to San Marcos TX. This was about 68 miles round trip mostly on I35 south. That has been so long ago I just about forgot how I loved to drive this route and watch the sunrise and sunsets in the Hill Country to and from the job. I drove this route for 28 years and it became routine for me where the driving no longer bothered me. Every now and then the Interstate would shut down due to a major accident and it would take me sometimes two hours to get to or from the job. Now that really bothered me particularly if it was in the morning to the job. I usually like getting in early to handle some things before my day got started. I was the Sales Service/Customer Service person for my company and spent most of my time on the phone. That’s why I don’t like taking phone calls here at the MH.

We did our normal routine while in Longview Office Depot for copies, Book Store for used books, and Wally World for groceries. On our way home Sandy said “ Could we please drive back to Gladewater to the antique store to see if they still have those cute little red bowls I saw there last Saturday and didn’t get”. So, without hesitation I turned the Jeep around and headed to Gladewater. Yes, they still had those cute little red bowls and she purchased them this time. It turned out good for her as I keep telling her those who hesitate end up short and disappointed. Why are women like this???
While there we drove by the Antique Capital RV Park and toured the facility. All sites are concrete pads, full hook-up, mostly pull through. The park has been open for only a year and the grass was still trying to fill in. Their rates $25 one night, $67 three nights and $110 for a week. The only negative thing we saw was the roads in the park where gravel but with all the rain we’ve had they were not in that bad of shape.

This is what I did after we got back to the MH unloaded the groceries and got the MH ready for travel tomorrow.


Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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