Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wireless Hands-Free Voice Controlled Headset

Sandy purchased the Blue Ant Q1 Bluetooth headset voice controlled for hands-free operation of her Iphone 3G. You wouldn't believe the number of times I've asked "What did you say" when actually she was on her Iphone. I hear her say "voice command call speed dial one "etc and wonder just what she's doing. Boy, something else to get use to hearing. I might add though ever since Sandy purchased her Iphone 3G she has really become a computer geek. She has even joined Facebook and does a lot of web surfing where before you couldn't get her to even touch the keyboards of my laptop. hmmm I wonder if that might be because I'm not a good teacher nor have the patience to help her learn. I suspect that may be the main reasons. So, she decided to just teach herself.

I am writing this post on the new post editor of Blogger and the first thing I've noticed is it does not have spell check. Believe me I need this feature mainly due to my poor typing skills and never wining ant spelling bee contest. It is just about a must have feature foe me so I guess I need to stay with Live Writer.

Just looked out our window and would you believe its raining here again. Our seventh day in a row we've had the wet stuff. Here is the current radar for this area and yes the system is now moving back west like they forecasted. We are located in the upper right hand corner of the map just Northwest of Shreveport.
Sandy is really disappointed due to the fact she may not work at all this week. In talking with her brother they may not get to work until the later part of next week.... bummer. Her brother James came over and advised when they do get to mow again they would have to blow and go. So, maybe she might get in 12/6 in the coming days??? Do I sound like I'm glad she might have to put in these hours. No, but the extra monies will sure help us pay some more bills off.

Went to VA Shreveport this am for follow up visit rained on us all the way there and back. Dr Marla Moore said the nose looked just like they expected it to and she removed about three stitches. Said the others will dissolve by themselves. Wants to see me again in about a month.
Even though it rained on us most of the day it was nice to get out as we both had cabin fever or should I say RV fever.

Until next time...MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Hi Weldon, glad to hear your operation turned out o.k.

    A Bluetooth headset for Sandy's 3G I-Phone? Wow, that's really get out there into the techie big-leagues! My wife's upstairs now listening to an audiobook on her computer what's the world coming to?

    You're right about the new Blogger editor missing the ABC spellcheck although I think it still does the red underline thing. It's also missing the video upload feature too! Very strange update!

  2. Glad to hear you had a good follow up visit. I know you are glad to be done with that business.

    I wasn't aware of the blogger update, but since I started using Live Writer, it is so great, I don't even think about blogger.

    Hope you guys dry out soon.