Monday, September 21, 2009

Pandas and Windows Live Writer

Sandy thought these baby Pandas were just to cute not to share. They obviously are from China and were involved in the earthquake they had not to long ago. The best we understand is none were injured. The one in the upper right hand corner she says is saying “I  love you” ; the bottom right hand corner saying “Stop in the name of love” and the left side is just to precious she says.

I wish to thank Al with for posting all the tricks he has learned with using Windows Live Writer. Also thanks to Rick with for his input. These two friends from Canada are just to smart when it comes to these computer software programs. Thanks again guys and keep them coming. I too had a problem adding the Picasa plug-in. Al when you figure it out please post your findings.

WE drove over to Mt. Pleasant today to go to the bank. We use Bank of America and Mt Pleasant is the only close town (25 miles) that has a BOA. While there we eat our usual breakfast at Whataburger and just had to drop in on Walmart. I believe if Walmart  went away Sandy would just have a breakdown. In fact when I die I want her to spread my ashes throughout Walmart and that way I know she will visit me often.

When we got back I proceeded to mow and weed eat the three acres here were we base. This is my mowing gear…. the mask was added as Sandy did not want me to get the smeller dirty. 

Mowing time 2009 002 It took about three and one-half hours to do this job as the grass was sooo tall after our eight days of rain. Her brother hopes to get back to cutting the highway right-a-ways again but looking a weather radar we are in for some stormy weather tonight. If it does hit like they say it’s going to then probably no mowing this week

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. We are in Tyler Texas today. It is raining here now and does not look to be letting up anytime soon.