Monday, October 5, 2009

Catching Up

Friday September 25, 2009

We were up at 6:30am and made final preparation to leave for Canton. Before heading out we first had to travel to Dangerfield about six miles north of Lone Star to purchase propane which would be only our second fill for the year. It cost $2.25 per pound about $33 worth to fill the tank. Afterwards we hooked the Jeep up and departed for the First Monday grounds arriving about 11:30am. We unhooked the Jeep and Sandy drove the MH to our booth but prior to pulling up to the pavilion, we first had to lock on to the Direct TV satellite. Once locked on she slowly droved forward (so we wouldn’t  loose the signal) to the back of our booth. 
We unloaded our displays from the basPurse Insert Displayement of the MH and  proceeded to set up our booth. This is normally sooner than most months but we felt Sandy would be going back to work as she’s been off for two weeks due to all the rain.

Saturday September 26, 2009

We were up early and headed out to Tyler TX about 38 miles east of Canton for Sandy and I to do some shopping. This is normally the only time we have to do this since  we live in the piney woods where there is just not that many shops. Our first stop was Target as it was the only store opened this time of the morning. Then we stopped at the AT&T store for some new protective film for the face of her Iphone. Bed and Bath one of Sandy’s favorite stores with all those kitchen gadgets was our next stop. For some reason I have always called this store “Bird and Bath”.  I just can not shake this saying. All of our friends and Sandy know what I mean though. This store is a must for Sandy just like a Camping World store would be for me. Best Buy was our next stop as Sandy wanted me to pick out something that I wanted for my birthday. I just could not come up with anything as there is a difference between wants and needs. Yes their were several wants in the store but I decided to hold off for something I really needed. Our last stop was Macys' where Sandy was looking for three-quarter length sleeve blouses. We bombed out here and then made a quick Wally World call for last minute groceries.

Once back at Canton our two neighbors next to us had just arrived and we helped them back in with their cargo trailers loaded with goodies for the weekend show. Then we proceeded to help them unload and set up their booths. Afterwards I watched several college football games, The University of Houston (29) and Texas Tech (28) game turned out to be one of the best high scoring big offence games I’ve watched so far this year. Both teams managed for a combined total offence of over 1000 yards.

Sunday September 27, 2009

Watched both NFL football games and NASCAR (more Racing than Football) most of the day while Sandy put her final touches to our booth. Broke out the Baby Q grill and proceeded to grill some rib eye steaks for our friends and us. We all gathered in our next door neighbors booth had a wonderful meal of bake potato, salad, mushrooms, garlic bread, rib eye and chocolate chip cookies covered with sunflower seeds…. yummy. After dinner we watch some more football  and went to bed early as Sandy was expecting that call from her brother to go back to work.

Monday September 28, 2009

imageSandy received that expected call from her brother where it was back to work. She left the MH around 8am and headed to Pittsburg TX where she would meet up with her fellow workers. After she left I proceeded to work around the MH doing some odd and ends. Will start polishing the aluminum wheels this pm when it gets a little cooler. Our friends invited me to their taco salad dinner they put together with some of our other neighbors and boy was it good. We visited and shared stories. We broke up just in time to catch the Cowboy game. Sandy called about 7:45pm and said they where just now headed to her Mothers home. Boy, she just about put in a 12 hour day. They are so far behind due to TXDOT not allowing them to mow the highways due to the wet ground. They do not want ruts left by the tractor wheels.

Tuesday September 29, 2009

Fall is officially here. Woke up this morning and it was 53F outside. I just love this kind of weather. Sandy called about 7am and was already on her job in Upsure County. She forgot her jacket and said she was cold. My neighbors really look after me with Sandy gone. This evening Carla brought me a chicken dish and Sandra our next door neighbor roast beef, potatoes and green beans. Maybe they all know I’m no cook.Can’t beat that, all kidding aside they really look after me with Sandy gone. 
Sandy just called (8:40pm) and just got to her Mother’s. They worked till 7:30pm. They are doing 12 hour days as the weatherman says it will rain in that area this coming Thursday.

Wednesday September 30, 2009

RVer’s are coming in and the creek side is full already. This area and the one on the hill and the circle near Hwy 19 have full hook-ups. Looks like our crowd is going to good one. Now if the weather continues to be cool we just might sale some purse inserts.


My neighbors came by and said tonight was tacos and tamales night. I’ve never been known to turn down Mexican food. I just wish my bride was here to enjoy the fellowship and good food. Sandy called about 8:15pm was on her way to her Mom’s. She said she was stopping by Sonic and was going to get her and her Mom some chicken strips for their dinner.

Thursday October 1, 2009

Our weather changed today as it was much warmer than the past several days. Our crowd wasn’t a normal Thursday October crowd. We managed to cover most of our expenses with today's sales. We had brisket, beans, potato salad  and garlic bread for dinner tonight. As i write this journal we have a pretty good system headed toward Canton that has a lot of red in it and in the Dallas area they had winds 70-80 MPH. Just heard the siren go off for a tornado warning will finish this when I get back from the bath house. We were blessed the system had a lot of wind (no tornado) and heavy rain which lasted about 35 minutes. Our neighbor across the way lost his big awning due to the wind. He failed to let it in. We are suppose to be a little cooler tomorrow.

Friday October 2, 2009

It’s official, today I rolled the clock forward to 73. I don’t feel any different…. may look it though. Our day was a good one. We had a huge crowd and some of our customers advised it took them about an hour to work there way into the parking lot and the feeder road off I20 was backed up. Our weather was just about perfect for the shoppers.  My neighbors had another wonderful meal planned and surprised me with a coconut cake for my birthday. Sandy called and will be in tonight around 10pm. Looking forward to her arrival and her working the booth tomorrow. She does a much better presentation of the product than I do and will probably out sale me again.

Saturday October 3, 2009

Sandy and I did not go to bed until late Friday night as she was felling me in on her daily job activities this week. I took a Benadryl before going to bed (I had a reaction to the antibiotic medicine I took after my surgery). I had little red whelps all over my chest and arms. The little pill must have knocked me out as I did not get up till 10am today. Our crowd today was the biggest we’ve had so far this year. However it was no where close to prior October fall shows. I guess the economy may have something to do with that. We had a customer today all the way from Victoria, Canada. She says she comes here every October.
Sandy fixed her excellent white chicken chili for tonight's get together. Boy was it good. Everyone wanted the recipe. We had a little excitement down from our booth tonight. Several policemen came running down the aisle past us to about four booths down. We learned that one of the female vendors had broken off her wedding and her boy friend had a knife and wanted to commit suicide. Wow! we’ve never had anything like this. They subdued him and came walking back by our booth with him in custody.
The rain settled in around 4:30 pm and it’s suppose to rain through tonight and all day tomorrow. This isn’t going to help us tomorrow.

Sunday October 4, 2009

It’s a gulley washer! Boy did it rain last night and is still pouring today.  We had several incidents yesterday evening in the parking lot and Hwy 19 where pedestrians and automobiles were involved. One incident is where a husband accidently back over his wife and the other was a hit and run. I guess when you get this many people in one place things like this is bound to happen.
We’ve had so much rain now that water is coming across the pavilion on the north end of Pavilion 4000 and vendors are shutting their booths down. S0, far our end has not flooded and we are okay where the MH is parked. EMS just drove by between the two pavilions' where we are at to the plant peoples’ booth. We are told the lady that runs the booth had a heart attack. It must have been brought on by all the water gushing through her booth.  Here are some photos of our flood.Oct Canton 019 Oct Canton 012Oct Canton 020

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Any vendors selling canoes?? Could be some bonus sales there:))

  2. Hi,Just stumbled onto your log,realized you live near my husbands family which is in Omaha,Tx. they the Richard Wright family at Wright Ranch.
    We visit there often and love the area,a nice place for your headquarters. We are not fulltimers,but do travel about 5 months a year.

    Maryann in Oklahoma

  3. I miss those days. LOL

    Hugs to you both