Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back To Work Day for Sandy

I was awaken this morning by the sound of “CLICK…CLICK” I turned  looked at the alarm clock and it was 5:35 am in the morning. I said to myself “What is that strange noise”. I turned back and there was no Sandy laying beside me. For those of you who live in an RV that click click sound was the opening and closing of our refrigerator door. Sandy was up getting herself ready to go back to work. I laid there for a few minutes and decided I would get up. Sandy said its pitch dark outside why are you getting up…. go back to bed. I thought about it for a micro second and laid back down. The longer I laid there the more guilt trip I had because when I was in the working world Sandy always would get up to see me off to work. So I decided to go ahead and get up. There was a little fusing but she finally gave up. Besides today is garbage day and if you don’t have the can out by 6:30am you will miss the pick-up.

After taking out the garbage, Sandy walked over where her brother was waiting for the workers to show up. I went over and joined them on the little porch of the storage building and they were going over what they wanted to accomplish today. All the workers finally arrived and off they drove to do today's mowing. They haven’t mowed for two and half weeks because of the deluge we’ve had during that period.

Tomorrow will be my Mom’s 92nd birthday which we will miss due to Sandy having to work. I plan a special tribute for her in my next post.I know one thing she has really missed having my sister Dren drop by for a visit or do her earns. The doctors say she want be able to drive for a least three months. Me being a betting man I bet it will be sooner. Thanks to other family members who live in the Houston area Mom is been taken cared of by them. My two cousins Wadene and Barbara particularly look after her during the absence of my sister. I am so grateful they are near Mom and have the love to attend to my Mom’s needs.

Happy Fall

Until Next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. It's good to hear your Mom is doing well and is being well looked after by family members - that will do more good than anything else. Have a great day and Happy Birthday to your Mom!!