Friday, October 16, 2009

Some Motor Home Improvements/Modifications

I have been following Karen’s and Steve's journal at Rv’ing:Small House…Big Backyard were they have been posting some modification’s/improvements they’ve done on their motor home. I want to tell you they both are very talented people.  Check them out by clicking  on the above hyperlink.They’ve  done some neat modifications which some have inspired me to tackle on my motor home.

My first modification was to install a power strip up front on the dash of the passenger side. The manufacture installed a duplex receptacle of all places on the top side of the inside of the glove compartment. You had to get on your knees to see to plug any thing into the receptacle. This was particularly frustrating for me due to my poor vision of the right eye due to an unsuccessful torn retina surgery repair. Soooo …what I did was removed everything from the glove compartment and drilled a hole large enough into the side wall for the plug of a power strip to pass though from under the dash. Before drilling I checked around the glove box to make sure their was no electrical wiring in the way of my 1” hole saw. See photo below.(Click on photos to enlarge)
imageI routed the 3ft cable under the dash board. See photo 
imageThis is the finished project. Now I will have no more problems plugging in to this outlet and we don’t have to leave the door open when something is plugged in. Thanks Karen and Steve for the great idea. Its a good thing. 
image imageI have some other ideas that I will try and depending upon how they turn out will mean whether or not they get posted. I usually rely on my good friend Mark Hall at RVing With Poppa to be my better eyes and expertise installer. Since he has been on the road for about ten months and just returned to base I will save some of the bigger ideas for him to help me do the next time we travel to Ft Worth for a visit.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. That's a pretty slick mod, Weldon. Well done.

  2. Great job Weldon. Man you are an ACE Very professional looking .