Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mom’s 92nd Birthday

image The Lord is good and has blessed our family and friends with our Mom for 92 years. She will be 92 years young on October 21st. She is currently living at Rosemont assisted living near Houston TX. While she doesn’t get around very well the Lord has blessed her with a sharp mind and sweet spirit. When we first suggested assisted living she like any of us would objected to the move but now loves it. I might add the staff and nurses at Rosemont has adopted her as one of their ambassadors. When a potential family comes to check out Rosemont for one of their love ones they bring them by Mom’s room for answers to any questions they may have about the facility.

One of my cousins (Wadene) wrote a tribute to my Mom on her 90th birthday and I feel this just about covers it all. I only wish I would have been the one that wrote it. Here goes.

Mary Ellon Roffe

A few words won’t do justice to the feelings that I have for you. You have been such a great influence. I am so thankful that you have been in my life, and I will be eternally grateful for the wonderful role model you have been for me. I don’t know if you remember very much of the service that Jackie Bailey had for Daddy, but, Jackie’s words fit you as well. As a member of our family for so long, he knew Daddy well. His conversation was about the words that portrayed such a wonderful person......Laughter, Labor and Love.

You have the most wonderful laugh, and you enjoy laughing. You can make anyone smile. You have a special gift that can heal a hurting heart. One of your most enriching qualities is that of wanting all of us to be happy. Your wonderful happy personality is a great gift. I can’t remember a time when you and I started out crying together that we didn’t end up laughing. So few people have this quality. You are a Great Lady of Laughter!

There has never been a woman that was as hard working as you. You have been a great leader in your family, as well as your extended family. You never thought any job was too large or too hard. You really enjoyed the challenges that life handed you. From running a Western Auto to pumping gas, you never found any job that you would not tackle. You were a wonderful life partner to Uncle Leamon. You two made a great team and accomplished so much together. You were such a support in his life. You are a Great Lady of Labor!

God never placed another woman on this great earth that has the love that you do. You find the good in the worst. You hesitate to put others down, but rush in to encourage them with your enduring love. And you don’t just love your family. You love your church, your community, strangers, and your God. I am so very grateful for your love of family. As you and I have aged, I have tried to pattern my life after you. I would love to be the person you have been. I can speak for the entire group of H. R. and Julina Blasingame girls when I tell you that you have been the one that we have always looked up to and admired. Every generation of family needs a Mary Ellon. Someone that teaches the next generation what it means to love. Someone that lives by example. No one has ever loved as much as you do. You are a Great Lady of Love!

You are an angel on earth. I am so blessed to be your niece. I love you so very much. God made you so special. I know you will enjoy your birthday party because you love everyone and feel so honored that they are there for you. If you are up to it, I would love to celebrate your 95th. I think five years at a time is a possible goal. You are truly an Earth Angel..

All of my love forever,

Wadene, and The Rest Of H. R and Julina Blasingame Girls

Mom and her Girls

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. How wonderful is that. Sherri and I would wish her many more years. Miss you guys and wish we could all get together sometime for a visit.

  2. What a great tribute to your Mom. She sure looks like a young 92!! Happy Birthday!!