Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Can You Hear That!

save for rainy days As I write the rain is torrential. Another night of pitter-patter and the forecast says it going to do this all day. I’ve never been in so much rain in all my life. The mosquito's look like vultures and they  swarm all over you when you step outside between deluges. This is out it looks for us now.


Bam! Just killed a mosquito on my screen. Went to the local cafe, Arnolds with my BIL for breakfast.It was full of locals.They all agreed this is the most rain they’ve ever seen in September-October. I know this has to be boring for most of you out there, but this is about the only going-on’s right now for us..
In April 2008 we traveled with Mark and Dortha at RVing with Poppa to Port Aransas TX for the sand art festival. They had beautiful sand art similar to these photos emailed to me of the Oregon Sand Art Competition.

snad art oregon sand art oregon-3 sand art 6






!sand art 4

When we went to Port Aransas that year we stayed at Pioneer RV Park. At that time The Last Resort RV Park in Rockport , where a lot of the RV-Dreamers will be staying this winter,  had not finished adding their new sites. Here are some photos of the Port A Sand Art Fest.

2008 04 20 010

Light House And Indiana Sculptuer Mustang Island


Do you notice a difference in the sand color between the Pacific and Gulf coasts? Also the Pacific coast sand appears to have more texture than the Gulf coast sand. Since we do First Monday Canton every month we have to plan any trips we take in between Canton’s and they usually have to be within a two day drive of base due to our aging mothers. Maybe we can plan a trip this winter to meet up with some of the RV-Dreamers down in Rockport TX.

Well I need to get back to building pontoons for the MH as if this rain keeps up we’re going to need them.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. I think the weather has reversed itself a bit. We've been in a real drought here on Vancouver Island since April - almost no rain at all. We really need some rain soon - so send it up here for a bit.

  2. That would be too cool to get to see you guys. We miss visiting with you and hope to see you both soon. Get an inflatable boat just in case things go south

  3. Raining here too...where is the sun. I think this was the weather I thought I left in the Pacific Northwest.