Friday, October 9, 2009

Is It Time To Build The Ark Again?


We were awakened by this system this morning at about 5:45am. We are located in the very upper corner of Northeast Texas. It has rained most of the day and at times very heavy. Perhaps we need to consider rebuilding the Ark.  We had to get some groceries for Sandy’s Mom so we drove into Longview to Wally World. Longview is not one of my favorite place to go when it is raining. We saw three incidents of where vehicles hydroplaned and ended up in the median or ditch. Don’t understand why people feel they have to drive so fast.

We got a update on my sister, Dren and she is showing some signs of improvement. Hopefully  they’ll move her out of ICU this weekend to a regular room. She can not talk to much now as she as tubes down her throat (my BIL says boy it is sure nice now when around her). Like most of us men he allowed her to handle all the bill paying and did not get involved. Now he doesn’t know know what to do and is having to wing it. Sandy says husbands and wife's both need to be involved just because of emergencies like this. I can’t agree with her more. Soooo the next time she does our bills I plan to be by her side.

Have you ever seen a Redneck Bull Hauler? Here’s one that really will get your attention.
NHD No Harm Done Red Neck Bull haller

The NHD painted on the bulls side stands for “NO Harm Done”. The story behind this is this guy drove from Kansas to Tulsa OK with this as his co-pilot. I find this story hard to believe. It says he stuck to two lane and gravel roads.
Red Neck Bull Hauler The back seat I’m sure
is not a place to be or carry groceries.
Whether the story is true or not I find it to be what a Redneck would probably do. It would certainly get your attention if you happen to meet it traveling down the same road.

Received a email from our friends Mark and Dortha saying they were now back at base in Fort Worth, TX after being on the road for the past ten months. We had hoped to have joined them at some point on this journey but were unable to. However, thanks to Dortha’s excellent presentation of her journal and the photo posting of their daily travels, we felt as if we where there with them. I know they enjoyed it thoroughly. Maybe some day?

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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