Thursday, October 15, 2009

Proper Towing Wreckers For MH With Front Wheel Suspension Systems

If you read Randy’s blog at The Roadrunner Chronicles you will learn  all the grief we motor home owners with front wheel suspensions can have when having a wrecker tow it. In Randy’s case his engine just died going down the highway and he called his emergency road service provider to send a wrecker. After three attempts he finally had a wrecker show up with the proper towing attachments for towing coaches with independent front wheel suspension. Like this one. I hope Randy doesn’t mind me using his photos to illustrate the proper tow wrecker.

imageNotice the lift and saddles that the front wheels rest in. I’m told this is the only type wrecker that will tow this kind of motor home. I post this as we had a similar experience  about five years ago where we waited along the side  the road for nearly 14 hours before our emergency road service provider finally sent the proper tow wrecker. It took two attempts though.
Also notice the service guy under the rear side of his coach. He his disconnecting the drive shaft for towing. I bring this out as after we had our problem (front tire blow out) fixed and headed out again we had a sever vibration occur at 50+ mph. We called our road service provider again and they sent out a mechanic who reinstalled our drive shaft properly. The wrecker driver when he reinstalled it did not do proper phasing of the drive shaft. So, make sure you have him use the proper phasing technique when reinstalling the drive shaft. I’m not quite sure how to describe what to look for but I understand the proper alignment of the u-joints has something to do with it.

Randy said this wrecker company knew exactly what they were doing and towed their coach to the dealer without incident. I do not know the proper name for the towing system but make sure the wrecker that is sent has the capability of lifting from the wheels.

Will believe it or not another day without rain very cloudy and overcast though.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. I guess it's times like that when you really appreciate having roadside insurance - I imagine it would cost a fortune for that special towing vehicle and the disconnecting/connecting of the drive shaft etc. I have a 5'er, but it's good to know the proper procedure in the event I ever need it.