Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lonesome Dove Revisited


AMC featured this wonderful western movie again tonight. Part One is four hours long and Part Two four hours will be featured Thursday night. Sandy thinks I’m obsessed by this movie but it so happens to be one of the best. I’ll say it again what a masterpiece they just don’t make Westerns like this anymore. In fact in my opinion no movies made today are worth your time nor money at the box office.

I was able to repair the towed electrical cable and all works fine. I need to add this to my check list. Speaking of check list Rick does a good job of providing check list for RVer’s. His latest is for gizmo’s and gadget’s. Check him out here ttp://

My sister came through her surgery okay. She was moved to a regular ICU unit today. She is really been medicated and sleeping a lot, I am sure it is for the pain.  They did leave her partially open to treat the infection, I am guessing its a liquid antibiotic.  Sounds like when she is able and well enough she will leave the hospital and will go to a Rehab Hospital. She has a long road to recovery.

Sandy’s job looks like it will be rained out for the rest of this week.We had a pretty good storm roll through this area about 2am this morning and are expecting more Thursday night.

The prior owner of the MH changed to Castrol Transcend synthetic  transmission fluid and gold filters. The next change is coming around the corner and in checking with Stewart-Stephens in our area this will run approximately $500. However, its my understanding that the next change will be 150,000 miles. I may just have to buy the fluid and filters myself and find some mechanic in the area that will do it cheaper.

If I can get a 48 hour period where we don’t have rain I need to get on our roof and re-seal the seams, crowns and vents. While on Sandra’s blog (Nightly  News)   I ran across this blog they sure did a nice job on their fiberglass roof. I put a comment on their blog and jokingly ask them to do mine. Darn, if she didn’t reply and quoted their labor was just $100 per hour.LOL  If you compare this to most dealers their hourly rate is much higher than $100. humm

!cid_7_1013266610@web82502_mail_mud_yahoo Can you see the frog and the horse?

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Sorry to hear about Dren. Hope she is back on her feet before you know it.

  2. Sorry to hear about your sister. I hope she does well with her recovery.

    By the way, up here in Ontario, our RV dealer's labour rate is $98.50!