Saturday, October 10, 2009

As Seen On TV Windshield Wonder

Today has been one of those days you just want to stay inside and do nothing. The temperature hasn’t gotten much above 58F. Its been wet and drizzly all day long. Watching college football and NASCAR Nationwide racing is about all I have done. 
Talked to my brother Ward today who dropped by the hospital to visit our sister Dren. He advised she looked weak, tired and washed out which one would expect with what she’s gone through. She had trouble talking which is understandable with tubes running down your throat. We continue to pray for her full recovery.

image I normally would not rate a product for fear it may not do for others as it did for me. However, this “As Seen On TV” item turned out pretty good for us. We particularly liked the pivoting head as it made it fast and easy to clean the inside of our windows. As most of you know cleaning the inside of your windshield you must strain and stretch but the swivel head and extension arm makes it a lot easier. Sandy mixed half vinegar and half water in the little misting bottle that comes with the kit and cleaned the mirrors and windows inside the MH. The bonnet had to be rinsed several times but it did a fair job. I’m not sure how it would do on a really dirty window.

Rick at talks about basic Wi-Fi connecting and plans to do more if the interest is there. So, I encourage you to drop over to his blog and if you like what you see let him know.

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!cid_5_457800947@web180101_mail_gq1_yahooUntil next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. I saw that window cleaner and wondered how it worked. Thanks for the report.

  2. I hate cleaning our inside windows as you have to be a contortionist so I'm going to look for that gizmo - thanks for the tip. Paulette and I both really laughed at that great picture of your pup drinking from the straw!! We have 2 little dogs and they would love to do that!! Whenever we go to a DQ, we have to get a little treat for them too.

  3. I just got Windshield Wonder and its saved me a ton of time and back ache. Love it!