Thursday, October 22, 2009

Water Water Water

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We have had another bout of continuous rain and all of the creeks,rivers, lakes, streams and livestock tanks are at their fullest or running over. The rain started last night about 6:30pm and hasn’t let up yet. We drove to Longview to get supplies and groceries for Sandy’s mom since we leave tomorrow for out monthly jaunt to Canton. The water ways , low lying fields and even the City of Longview golf course was standing in water.


This what’s remains of the system that passed through last night and today. It has let up and we should start clearing this evening. Naturally this will shut down Sandy's mowing job for perhaps anther 7-10 days. Tomorrow it’s suppose to be clear and colder which makes it ideal for traveling day.
Yesterday evening before it started raining I went out side the MH and not only startled myself but also two deer over in the open field where my BIL has put out some corn. hummm I wonder what that means. They didn’t run off to far as when I came back into the MH about 15 minutes later they were back eating again.

Sandy took this Historical Marker picture with her Iphone Camera yesterday on one of the roads they were mowing. (Click to enlarge)


I have always liked history and have an interest in what our forefathers must have thought as they traveled the country sides. Notice the marker mentions Port Jefferson which I mentioned in a previous post.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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