Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just Have To Love These Kind Of Fall Days

This is another one of those days  you wish you could can and open it just anytime you want it. You could not ask for more perfect weather our low was 42F and high 67F. This allowed me to go up on the roof and seal some of those cracks I found in the seals of the MH roof. We also feel the weather has been good enough to help dry out the highway right-a-ways and allow Sandy to return to work in the morning. Here are some more photos of our outing yesterday.

Outing For Mom Alice 2009 045This is a classic we saw in Jefferson yesterday a 1957 Ford Tbird.  It was in the parking lot across from the police station. This lot is also the small RV Park I mentioned in yesterdays blog. Notice the electrical hook ups in the back of the lot. There were several RV’s in  the lot and for some reason I couldn’t find the digital photo.
Outing For Mom Alice 2009 063This is another classic we saw parked on the main streets in Jefferson. It says Land Yacht on the side. I believe it might have been one of those streeeetch limos at one time. 
Outing For Mom Alice 2009 107 Along this highway to the lake I had hoped to capture a photo of 10-12 deer crossing the highway, As you can see I failed…. couldn’t get the camera on and focused fast enough.
Outing For Mom Alice 2009 122Chevron full service station in Lone Star. They put out decorations for each seasonal event. This happens to be for the Fall.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. What about the COE Park on Lake O Pines. How does it look for me getting into it with the 5ver? We love staying in the $9.00 a night places.

  2. Glad you had such a great day and shared the story and pics with us. We had a similar fall day here yesterday too and really enjoyed it.