Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Back at Lone Star

Since it rained heavy Sunday…. Sandy’s brother called and said they would not be mowing Monday. So we decided to stay Sunday night at Canton. We did move the MH over to the creek side which has full hookups. Sandy wanted to do some laundry. WE had to first wait for the parked cars behind us to move. Around 5:30pm we finally were able to get the MH out from behind our booth. Here’s another photo of our flood Sunday. This happens to be a food vendor. Notice the water running through their booth.
Oct Canton 017 While doing the laundry we balanced our books for  October sales which were down compared to last October 2008. Afterwards we ate pizza and watched Sunday night football. Monday morning we were up early and ate breakfast at The Dairy Palace. If you ever travel through this area we highly recommend this restaurant for their breakfast and hamburgers. Parking for RV’s is not the best but across the street their is a truck stop and McDonalds that have parking in the back. After breakfast we went back to the MH and got it ready for travel. We arrived in Lone Star about 10am without incident. However, when I went to unhook the Jeep I noticed our cable from the MH to the Jeep was on the ground and really chewed up. I did the usual light check before leaving Canton and did not notice anything unusual. Can only suspect we might have made a tighter than usual turn to pull the plug from the MH.

After setting up the MH we loaded in the Jeep and drove to to our bank in Mt. Pleasant. While there we did a quick Wally World stop for groceries for Sandy’s Mom and ourselves. While in Mt Pleasant her brother called and said that TXDOT said no mowing for Tuesday due to the ground being saturated. We then decided that we would go to Longview Tuesday to get new plugs and cable for the towed wiring. While at the RV dealer I purchased some roof sealer to re-seal the seams on the MH roof provided the rain lets up.
Monday evening Sandy’s sister Pam and her husband Mike dropped by for a visit. We talked them into staying foe some good chili dogs and Frito pie. We watched the Vikings and Packers play and Sandy was so excited to see her favorite player Bret Farve do so well against his former team. I do have to admit for a forty year old he’s pretty darn good.

I received a call Monday night from my BIL Frank who informed me they rushed my sister Dren to the hospital. It seems she had a perforated colon and was in severe pain.  They did major surgery on her tonight and she went through the procedure in flying colors even though she’s not out of the woods yet. She will be in ICU for the next two  days and they anticipate her recovery time could take as long as six months. She’s been the primary care giver for my Mom so it looks like a trip to Houston might be in our near future.  My younger brother Ward also lives their but he has a full time job to take care of. You do what you have to do.

Oct Canton 010 These gals have baby pot belly pigs they purchased at Canton
There names (pigs) are Boot and Scoot

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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