Monday, December 6, 2010

Four Days Of Canton First Monday

We are very close to that dreaded 5G limit on the Verizon air card. In fact we only have 480MB that must last until 12/7. This is our first time in the year and half we've come this close. Wish they would do roll over like AT&T does with the mobile minutes.

Thursday December 2
Our weather today was about near perfect for us. Our crowds were pretty good for a Thursday along with sales. Maybe this weekend will be one of those where we are pleasantly surprised.

We have a new vendor down from us that sells fudge. Strolled down to welcome them and tried a sample. Boy was it good. Would loved to have purchased at least one-quarter pound but I was able to stay strong and walked away without a purchase.

One of the reasons we probably had a fair Thursday is we discounted some of the older insert designs 15%.  Also we had some non structured small inserts  we were selling at 50% off. We are helping our supplier sale down her old inventory.

Thursday night I switched back and forth between the Eagles vs. Texans and Arizona vs Arizona State football games. The double overtime win by ASU turned out to be the best.

Friday December 3
We woke up at our usual 6:15am time. I turned the TV on to catch the morning news and for some reason we had no signal for most of our Direct TV channels. Checked our signal strength and it had dropped from a 89 to a 37. Normally being up next to the building we don't find a signal at all.

That's why we find the signal out in the parking lot and drive into our spot behind our booth. Sooo I asked Sandy if she wanted to back the motorhome away from the building and search for the Satellite.  She wasn't in favor of this so we turned the search button on again and to our surprise was able to get a signal strength of 69 which was good enough to bring in all of our channels.
Our crowd today was heavier than Thursday and the sales were not bad.

Saturday December 4
The weather today was great. Our crowds were good and they were buying. I watched college football all day and into the night. Since I had no favorites the teams that won and those who lost had no meaning to me. I guess pulling for the underdog though does have some meaning.

We had a little excitement where two guys came into the back of our booth asking if we knew who owned the large white cargo trailer parked behind our booth. Turns out they were State Investigators looking for  stolen cargo trailers similar to this one. We're told this is not that unusual for Canton. They ride around on a ATV four wheeler looking for the Vin # on the trailer tongue. We told them we did not know the person but thought he was in another Pavilion behind us.

As they were walking back toward the trailer the owner walked up and they confronted him. Curiosity was eating us up as we could not hear their conversation. They then turned and walked away together.

Sunday December 5
Got up to a crisp cold 36F this morning. Our coldest temperature is to come tonight 29F. This colder weather sure makes it tuff on one particularly dealing with the sewer and water hoses to drain our holding tanks before we leave for base Monday morning.

Our crowd Sunday was that typical group that comes to Canton just for the outing and to buy turkey legs, corn dogs and curly fries.

During our pack out this afternoon the owner of the cargo trailer that was in question as been stolen walked up and gave us some insight what was going on. It seems they could not find the vin # and required him to show proof of ownership. He said he didn't have the information on his person as all the papers were at his home.
He gave them all his personal information and they said they were out of the Tyler office and would be paying him a visit next week. The owner was pretty confident that he could prove ownership.

Oh, overall I guess we can say our month was a pleasant surprise.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. So glad that you had a good sale. We both know how important that can be.