Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our Move To Houston

We did all the make ready for travel chores Friday. The weatherman was predicting temperatures for Saturday morning to be near freezing. All we had to do was pull the shore power, raise the jacks and air up. This morning our temps did get down to 28 degrees. Sure was glad I plugged in the engine block heater as the ISL400 started up without hesitation this morning.  We pulled out at exactly 7:30 am and headed South on Hwy 259.

We stopped at the Post Office in Diana and checked our mail as this would be our last chance till after the first of the year.  From Houston we will be traveling to Canton for the January 2011 First Monday weekend.

We have not had a Whataburger fix in a while so going through Longview we pulled into the SAMs parking lot and walked to the nearby Whataburger for our breakfast.


It seems the fuel prices coming down where about the same everywhere with unleaded going for $2.79 a gallon and diesel $3.19 a gallon. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and we had a light wind out of the northwest pushing us to Houston.


We arrived at Wild Country RV Park in New Caney at noon without incident which we are always thankful. Last year about this time our "stop engine light" came on just before our arrival and we had to be towed to Cummins Southern Plains where we spent two nights. They never did fine out what caused the alarm to go off. We haven't had that problem again.


We will go to moms this evening and hope to surprise her as we haven't told her we were coming.  When we got to Rosemont she wasn’t in her room and had already gone to the dinning hall for dinner. So, we made ourselves at home and waited, and surprise her we did!


Our plans for this trip are to spend some quality time with her, my brother and sister before we head out probably Christmas Day. While here I hope to get her 1995 Buick Roadmaster on the selling block. Since my sister can no longer take  mom places its no point in keeping it.


Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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