Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Washing The Motorhome


Tuesday brought warmer temperatures. Our high today was near 81F. It was a good day for washing the motorhome as it as been nearly five months since it has been washed with a water hose and brush. I've been using The Solution as my choice of keeping it clean.
Sandy helped me get the ladder, wash brush, bucket and hose together. I slowly climbed up on the roof and was really caught off guard as to what I saw. All the seam sealant's showed signs of cracks. Looks like a major job may be ahead.

After washing the roof it was time to come back down. Well let me tell you I thought Sandy might have to call the fire department as I just about was not able to swing my leg over to get on the ladder to come down. Finally made it though and just may have to seek professional help in sealing the roof. We washed the sides, front and rear end caps and were through before 10am. Afterwards we cleaned up and left the motorhome all spiffed up and squeaky clean. We wanted to visit with mom some more and headed in that general direction.


Before going we wanted to find something to eat and found a James Coney Island. They have some of best chili dogs. I managed to get two down. This chain was one of our favorites when growing up as kids. Mom and Dad would take us to one nearby where we lived at least once a month. Usually after church.

After lunch we headed for moms and guess what we finally found that awful Houston traffic and the Christmas shopping crowds. Every where Sandy went was like a zoo and parking was awful. Yep, as to the commercial side it finally felt like Christmas.

A Mercedes SUV

We finally made it to moms around 2pm. Caught her taking a nap. Had a great visit with her where we talked about those years growing up and she shared with us some stories about her and dad’s younger years. One particular one they picking cotton 12 hours a day for $1.00 each. It was getting close to dinner time and mom wanted us to eat with her so we went down to that special guest room. Our dinner was fruit, soup and a ham sandwich. While waiting on our dinner Sandy gave her a lesson on the Iphone and all the things you can do with it. Mom was particularly interested in the Bible and Bible Verses Apps.


Well this completes day four of our visit. Tomorrow we meet my sister and go to the funeral home that will handle moms burial when that grand day comes and the LORD calls her home to be with him.


Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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