Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just Hanging Out


We have not done a whole lot since we returned from Canton. Working on a plan that will take us to Houston, one of my least favorite place to go, to visit my family before Christmas. There are several RV parks near my mom and sister. Surprisingly they are not booked liked they were last year. Our choice will be easy as one is wanting $284 for a week and the other being a POA park want $135. It does not have all the amenities the other park has to offer, but we wouldn't use them anyway as we will be visiting family most of the time. I guess you can say a place to come home to at the end of the day.

image It's that time of the year again where we are being bombarded by the sweet gum balls being blown from the tree we are parked near. The winds have been really  strong the past few days. They sound like bombs going off as they hit our fiberglass roof by the hundreds. Sure thankful they don't weigh a lot as if they did we would have to pull up our jacks and get out of here. When you walk out the door you have to dodge them as they fling through the air.


Today warmed up pretty nicely and I suggested to Sandy that we pick up her mom and go sight seeing and look at some Christmas lights. I chose Jefferson TX as I recalled that city did put an all out effort to decorate the town and its historical homes. We picked her up around 2pm and headed east on some of the back Farm to Market roads.

imageFor the most part of the trip we were the only ones on the road. It sure was a nice drive as we saw country that one does not normally see when traveling the main byways. The small towns, farms, churches and homes were so tranquil looking as we drove past them.

imageWe were able to drive as slow as we wanted to without the fear of making someone mad or slowing them down to where they were headed. We arrived in Jefferson around 4pm and drove through town and by the historical homes. Here are just a few photos taken during the day light. I will save the night photos for a later blog. (click on pictures to enlarge)



Until next time . . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. We had such a good time visiting with you and now we miss you. We need to get together more.