Monday, December 20, 2010

Good Visit With Mom


Would you believe this is a Houston Freeway? It is the East Texas Expressway (Hwy 59) in Houston at 7:15 am  Sunday morning. Sandy and I were on our way to Rosemont Assisted living to have breakfast with my mom.

We arrived just before 8 am imageand mom took us to a room that had been especially set up for the three of us. Wasn’t long after we were seated that a young lady came to our table and took our food order. We had two eggs, four pieces beacon, fruit, two buttered toast, french toast sticks and a glass of orange juice. All this for a mere $5.00 each.


I can not say enough on how this facility takes care of our mom. She has been here going on three years and just loves it. We hope her funds will allow her to stay here as long as the good Lord is willing. After breakfast we went to a setting area across from her room and visited. We then went to her room and went through some of her papers and shredded a lot of old bills, bank statements, Medicare invoices etc.

We had a great visit and headed back to the motorhome. Tomorrow will be Sandy’s day for doing what she loves to do. Lets see I can see a trip to the huge HEB, Macy’s in the Mall, Bed & Bath, Container Store and no telling where else. Hey, its Christmas and sometimes we guys just has to do what we have to do. I believe its called “Get Over It”.


Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. So many of those places for seniors do a great job. Too bad some of them don't do a great job. Suzy's Mom spent two years in a nursing facility, from age 95 until her death at 97. She invited us to share a couple of meals with her, and we found them quite good. The staff there loved "MaMary," as we called her. She'd be up at midnight, sitting out in the hallway at the nurses' station drinking coffee and chatting up the staff!