Monday, January 10, 2011

Boy It's Cold Outside

When we went to bed last night the snow was really coming down. Our temperature dropped to 25F and hasn't been much warmer today 31F being our high. Our total snow fall here was right at  4". Everything is white and so clean looking. Okay the roads were not so clean looking. They had that red Texas dirt looking slush appearance due to all the traffic from people going to work this morning. At least for now the snow and moisture has stopped and  we  need a warm up to get the snow out of here. This won't happen until later in the week.


Last evening BIL James picked Sandy up in his four wheel drive F150 truck and drove her over to their Mom's to take her evening meal. Sandy could have taken the Jeep as it is four wheel drive too but she just didn't feel comfortable with it. She said the roads did have some areas that had black ice and she was thankful brother James was doing the driving.


After a quick tour of the area I spent the remainder of the day working on our books and 2010 taxes. Our weather for most of the week doesn't look real promising to do anything on the roof. Our highs are to be in the mid thirties and lows in the teens. We may end up putting a tarp over the area that is leaking until such time it warms up again and gives us that window to seal it properly. 


Just looked out my window and guess what. . .it's snowing again. I don't recollect the weatherman saying anything about this. They are never right most of the time anyway. Sandy is over at her Mom's doing laundry and fixing her evening meal. Not that she will probably need to I'm glad I went over the proper procedure in putting the Jeep into four wheel drive


Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Four inches and still coming down? Surely not in TEXAS!?!?!?!? Good thing you have the 4 wheel drive but even nicer is the brother who will drive you around in it! Stay safe and warm! Blessings, K