Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eternabond Tape Phase Two

BIL James called Sandy this morning and said they would be wrapping up their job and would be here about 1pm to finish the tapping of the seams and all vent covers. What near a perfect day it was for getting up on the roof of the motorhome to finalize the sealing of the seams and vents. Our temperature was around 63F and there wasn't a cloud to be seen.

imageI got everything together and had it up on the roof before they arrived. Wendell immediately went to work with the sander removing all the old caulk. While he was doing that I was right behind him with the leaf blower getting rid of all the caulk powder created by the sander. Wendell then took the wire brush and brushed the seams some more to make sure all the caulk flakes were gone.


Behind this another leaf blower job and then the acetone to clean the seams before laying down the Eternabond tape. I followed right behind him using the special roller to roll over the tape. As you can see from these photos this tape cleans to the seams like when you vulcanize a tire inner tube with a hot patch. The more you rub it and roll over it the better it bonds.  By 3:45 pm we were through.

imageWe had a small rain shower last week and had no leaks from the drivers side we done the week before.

As to cost for doing the Eternabond tape we spent $280 for the three rolls of 4"x50' tape and $100 in labor to take off the old caulk and lay down the tape. We had a quote from a local RV dealer at $105 labor per hour and they estimated approximately 8 to 10 hours to do the job. It took two and half rolls to do the roof and we have about 25' left over. The manufacturer says the tape has a five year shelf life and to keep it in my tool box for small repairs.


The tape is guaranteed not to harden, crack, peel, curl up at the edges, fall off and resist  mold.We will check the roof from time to time (when we are up on the roof washing it) and will give a update as to how it's holding up.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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