Saturday, January 29, 2011

Things Just Happen!

We are at Canton for First Monday weekend which begins this Thursday February 3rd. Our weather for the past several days has been just great. Today's high is going to be 73F. While the weather was so nice I decided to do some outside maintenance chores. I opened my battery compartment door and noticed the large 3/0  cable was not fitting properly on one of the battery lugs of my house batteries.


When I pulled out the tray for a better view the cable became disconnected from the terminal lug. Yikes! Without this connection we have no 12 volt power. Our water pump works off 12 volt power and without the pump we no flush the toilet, shower or wash dishes.


The little town of Canton has no place that carries a terminal lug this size let along a crimping tool large enough to crimp on a new terminal. What to do? I called several places in the Tyler/Longview area that I thought might carry cable this size and would be able to crimp on a new terminal lug. Found one in Longview but they couldn't or wouldn't deal with it as their tech guy was off on weekends.


I do not understand first of all as to why this cable (3/0) has to be so large. I'm sure it has to do with load etc. but we needed an interim fix. Sandy drove me to an auto parts house to see if I could come up with a temporary solution. I told the parts guy my problem and he said since we were connected to shore power the inverter should not be required to provide a big load. For a interim fix he suggested I use the largest gauge auto battery cable they carried. Sounds good to me so now we a least have 12 volt power to run the water pump.


Yes, things just happen and the next dilemma we faced was the struts for one of my compartment bay doors came off when we raised the door to turn our inverter back on. I had my test today. Sorry to report Sandy will tell you I didn't deal with them very well. grrrrr!!!! This has happened before and my vision being what it is I could not snap them back in place. When it happened before Mark was able to snap them back in when we were in Ft. Worth.

Say we now have a 3G wireless signal with AT&T here in Canton. We're moving up as the Jefferson's would say. Before we only had “E” Edge and things went pretty slow when using your cell phone. The big test will come this weekend when our crowds pick up.

It looks as if our balmy weather is about to change. We have a system headed our way and our temps at night are to return to the thirties. This shouldn't come as a surprise as the weather in February at Canton is always cold. We may  also get that test for our recent roof repair as our chances for rain is real good for tonight through Monday.

The photos tonight are from an email I received from a friend. They are tulip fields in the Netherlands.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Sounds like and interesting day trying to get the needed fix. Hope things will work out and the batter lug connection gets a full fix.
    I really love the borrowed pics from the Netherlands, thanks for sharing them.

  2. Your photos are beautiful of the flowers and The Netherlands!


  3. Fantastic photos! Did you take the header photo? It is gorgeous.

    Seems like there's always something that needs looking after on a rig. Hope you get the electric problem solved. :)

  4. Remember those tests are for our patience! LOL

    I think you both need to come on to South Texas and get away from that cold air that is coming your way!

    Hugs to you both.