Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tarp Doing It's Job


The rains started Saturday morning, most of Saturday night and a little heavier today. So far the tarp is doing it's job of keeping the wet stuff from coming into the coach.
After  we got the tarp in place Friday evening Sandy asked "Is it a good idea to cover the vents for our stove and frig". You know I never gave it a moments thought but she may have something there. So I got up on the ladder and checked to find with the protrusions of the other  stuff on the roof there was space to allow venting of these two appliances.

Watched Saturday's NFC playoff games and the Steeler vs. Ravens game lived up to all it's hype. The Packers to my surprise manhandled the Falcons. Today's games should be no different. The weather at Chicago burrr who wants to play in that stuff. It appears the Bears do though.


Now this is really strange. As we set here watching the Bear/Seahawks game our carbon monoxide alarm just started going off. Now why is this happening. Let's see Sandy did use the stove this morning fixing our breakfast but she also used it Saturday and the alarm didn't go off then.

Sandy asked when was the last time I changed the battery? Battery what battery gosh I haven't changed it since we brought the coach nearly three years ago. So I pulled it down from the ceiling in the bedroom and pulled the battery. Put a new one in and so far it's not going off. Strange to write about something and say it looks okay and then have the alarm tell you maybe all is not so well. Time will tell if it just the battery or in fact carbon monoxide  amongst us.

A very dear friend of mine who lives in the Texas Hill Country near New Braunfels  sent the following photo of wild turkeys in her back yard.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Hi Weldon and Sandy,

    Thanks for posting my wild turkeys on your blog. They have been back a few times since I sent these pictures to you. They are so much fun to watch!

    Take care,