Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rain Then Sleet And Now Snow!!!

What an event! We've had all three of these today but so far it is not sticking to the ground.....roof tops yes.
Prior to all of this I got up on our roof do some sealing but just did not have the stamina to complete the task that was in front of me. It's so frustrating getting older where your body just doesn't allow you to do things like this yourself.


Sooo now we are experiencing a slight leak in our bathroom. It's anybody's guess where it is coming from as water can travel from any possible seam or crack. It looks like the Eternabond  tape will do the trick as I was able to seal the front cap seam with it Friday. It’s not the labor of applying the tape. It’s the effort one must exert in removing the old caulk.


Our next step now is to see if we can get an appointment with the RV dealer in Longview to do this work for us.

Say what about those NFC Wildcard playoff games this Saturday? They were the best I've seen in awhile. Sandy being a diehard Payton Manning fan was a little disappointed the Colts lost to the Jets.


As I'm  writing the snow fall has really picked up and now it is sticking to the ground. They say we could have 3-4" by night fall.   The last measurable snow fall we had was this past February. Maybe in the morning we will have a better coverage on the ground than this photo. It would be nice to be in Arizona but those folks are having a very unusual cold January.

Sandy’s Christmas cactus which didn’t bloom until New Year’s day has really put out some blooms since then as can see here.


Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

P.S. The snow is really coming down now!


  1. We have snow too and it is nice to look at but no way we are getting out in it. Stay warm and enjoy the day

  2. I guess it might be bad weather in some parts of Arizona but here where we are the days are beautiful and the nights are not to cool either,

  3. Christmas Cactus is beautiful! If we were closer to you I'd send Robert over to help with that repair. Stay warm in all that snow!
    Blessings, K