Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Health Issues Round Two

Let's see picking up from my last post of May 1 I stated I had no complications until.....,

Friday the 22nd we left for Canton for May First Monday. Everything was going fine until Sunday April 24th were I passed a large amount of old blood. Our thought was could this be from the polyps removed at VA. The closets' ER was in Tyler so we went to Trinity Mother Frances arriving at 7:30pm. Assigned to a room at 2:30am Monday morning. Monday about 2. pm they rolled be down to their gastro logy surgery room for a EGD (upper GI). About three hours later Dr. Kai came in and told me all the bleeding was coming from the lower third of my esophagus and not the colon area. My Dr. at VA called Sandy several times checking on me

They wheeled me back to my room and said I might to go to our home on wheels Wednesday. They had a heart monitor on me and sometime Tuesday a heart Doctor visited my room. Asking the usual questions and he informed me he wanted to do some further testing. In the mean time Sandy returned to the home on wheels as she had to get our booth set up for First Monday that started that Thursday.
To make this post shorter I want go into the details but at that time things seemed to check out okay. They were going to release me Friday but during the night my heart rate dropped to 33. The night  RN Nurse came inane said we need to get up and walk around the room a bit. She said my heart Doctor had scheduled some more test and if it look okay I might get to go home late Friday evening. I called Sandy to give her a heads up as the drive from Canton to Tyler was about an hour.

Friday evening comes no release in sight. The 7-11 shift nurse came in and informed me they wanted to do a couple more test Saturday and depending upon the outcome I could go home Saturday. In the mean time Sandy was in Canton during the  bad storm that passed through Canton Tuesday night. The sirens went off five times but no tornados. Thank you Lord! She said they had lots of wind, penny size hail and heavy rain was all they got. This was the same terrible storm that tore up the Southern states. Our heart goes out to them.

To draw this to a close I was released Saturday night around 9pm. Sandy picked me up and we were home around 11pm. The heart Doctor subscribed some new meds and will probably do some kind of stress test later in the month. Bulletin……..Just learned I  have a stress test scheduled for May 31st. I have lost 18lbs in the past 12 (mostly fluid) days and my strength is returning. Sandy and I worked in the yard most of the morning. First time I’ve been able to do this in a while.

I close with this I truly believe Trinity Mother Frances hospital was  a God send. I feel a lot better and will let you know something as soon as I find out.

A big welcome to our 44th Blog Supporter Froggi Donna.

Until the next time. . . . MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Egad! What a time you had. Hope things continue to improve.