Thursday, May 19, 2011

Moving At Warp Speed

imageWill I didn't have all the facts regarding the progress we have made on the future site for our home on wheels. I stated in my last post the clearing would come after we had all of our hookups in place. Well things progressed so fast today that the clearing of low lying limbs and underbrush was all done this morning.


Wendell used the backhoe and cleared out the low limbs so that we were able to drive the motorhome over to test fit where we would park it. This also was good as it helped us pinpoint where to locate the electric box, sewer and water for our full hookups.


While doing this the city was doing their part in connecting a 10ft sewer pipe to the main sewer line. After they finished and left Wendell got busy with the backhoe and trenched a sewer line to where we needed it. This was just a little over 200ft.



Tomorrow they will lay the sewer line and install the turn up for the sewer hose connection. He also trenched the electrical line from the meter pole to where we will place the 50amp RV electrical box.

We are not sure yet when we will be able to move over but the way things are falling in place it probably won't be long. As a side note while over there in the motorhome we were able to get out with our satellite for Direct TV.


Here is a photo showing where all the under brush and low limbs have been cleared out. We have some fine tuning to do to this area but as you can see things are falling into place. We are hoping to be able to move some time after Canton First Monday. We need to do some major burning of the many piles we have of the limbs and underbrush.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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