Sunday, May 1, 2011

Let's See Where To Begin

I guess we'll start with my trip over to Shreveport to the VA hospital on April 15th for a shingles shot, a education class for a colonoscopy procedure scheduled for me on April 20th. After the class I got the shot and had an echocardiogram done. Then to pharmacy where I picked up the kit that will clean me out prior to the procedure. Then it was off to home.

They took me off the Warfin blood thinner and B12 iron
supplement meds. Then on Monday I started the liquid diet which consisted of lemon jello, broth and clear liquid drink like water or 7up. I did this for two days and started with the clean out kit on Tuesday the 19th which by the way did it's job. Since I was taken off the Warfin I started the Lovenox shots which is a bridge between the blood thinner med and still prevent clotting.

After nearly starving to death The 20th finally rolled around. we both were up at 5am and on the road to Shreveport a little before 6am arriving at VA at 7:30am. They called my name at exactly 8:45am my scheduled appointment time were they escorted to a make ready room. I put on the open back hospital gown and laid on a stretcher watching TV. About 9:30 they rolled me into the procedure room and gave me the pain and twilight shots in my IV. They did not take me all the way down due to a low heart rate.

So, I was able to watch it all on the Large TV monitor with a little discomfort. After they finished I was able to get dressed and went to another room where they explained the gastroenterology doctor removed two polyps. I should get the pathology report some time this next week. They average 25-30 of these procedures each day of the work week.

It was a little after noon and since I had no solid food for the past three days the first thing we did was stop at a DQ and ate  lunch. We arrived home just about 2;30 pm and I crashed in my lounge chair waking up at 10pm to go to bed. I had no complications until . . . .

More to follow………………..

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers

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  1. Awe, come on! You can't leave us hanging like that! :)