Thursday, May 26, 2011

We're Done Still Waiting For Electrical Company


We have finished all of our full hookups and now all we need is for the electrical company to do their thing. Sandy called them yesterday for an update and they are now saying next week. They may have some of their crews over in Missouri helping them restore their electrical grid. If they get in all we will have to do is a check with the meter to make sure our wiring is okay.



We're hoping today will be our last day for using the blue boy and Bad Boy to haul our waste water to the sewer clean out. I believe we won't miss this chore at all even though Sandy loves driving it. I use the Bad Boy to pick up trash thrown into our ditches by people who just don't care where they dump their trash and beer cans. I police this area just about every other day and will usually pick up a five gallon bucket of trash each time.

It looks like the 50amp service which we are presently using will stay. We purchased new wire for the run over at our new site. So, we will have a spare if some one should drop in for a visit.
I mowed and edge the three acres here today. It will be a while before I will have to mow next door as we don't have a lot of grass right now. My BIL does use the brush hog on the back forty though.

Here are some more shots of the area where we will be parking soon we hope. Maybe when we return from First Monday in Canton we will be able to park our home over there instead of our current spot. After twelve years it will be so nice to have full hookups. Also as you can see we will have an abundance of shade. (click on photos to enlarge)




Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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