Sunday, May 22, 2011

Water Is In Electrical Next....Then


This past Friday May 20th, we dug the trench for our water hookup at the new site. We had to drive to Lowes in Mt Pleasant about 26 miles west of us to pick up our PVC pipe and fittings to lay the line. While we were gone Wendell and James dug the trench for the water line. We picked up 6 10ft sticks of Schedule 40 PVC pipe and the fittings.


We were back a little after noon and by 2:00pm the line was in the ground and the turn up with two faucets were secured to our power pole. We waited 24 hours before turning the water on to allow all the glued joints (about 50ft) to set. We did not want the pressure to blow them off. Saturday morning we turned the water on and found no leaks.

All that's keeping us from moving now is the electrical hook up. The electrical company inspectors showed up Friday afternoon and approved our work on the meter pole. They should be out next week to set a new transformer and run the power line to the meter pole.

imageSandy and I went into Longview Saturday afternoon looking for a RV 50amp power box. We want something similar to this but neither Lowes or Home Depot had one. Our SIL Bev works for an electrical supply company and is going to order one for us.
The trench for the line from the meter pole to our hook up site is already in place waiting on the box. Soooo when that is all done we will be moving over to our new site. We still have a lot of clean up and landscaping to do but we can do that over there. It's going to be so nice not to have to use the blue boy to dump our imagewaste water.

This is the area we will be landscaping and we are real excited to get in some flower beds, grass and perhaps a concrete patio pad on the passenger side of the motorhome.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Fun watching your work while posting about ours!