Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Making Progress On The Land

Sandy and I have taken advantage of the cooler weather we've been enjoying these past two weeks. We've been busy clearing out under growth from my BIL’s land. I've been busy with the weed whacker and Sandy using the chompers to cut back small limbs. We will have to get a crew in with chain saws to take out the larger trees and limbs.


Tuesday my BIL and his sidekick Wendell extended the culvert where we will some day use to enter our new site for parking the motorhome. They added another ten feet to the existing driveway so we now have a 33ft wide driveway to turn into the property.
The next thing will be to trim back some of the trees of the circular driveway where we will park the home when at base.


The electric company came by  to see where we wanted the meter pole for electricity to the home. We also have a plan for hooking up to the city sewer sometime in the very near future. All it takes is money and a little time. Time we have a lot of since we are retired.

My other BIL David and his wife Carol pulled out Tuesday in their 09 Discovery Motorhome heading for a small town near Ft Smith, Ark. They have purchased not quite two acres of land where they will live and base. They both are avid fisherman and their place is not that far from the Arkansas River. I see a trip for Sandy and I once they get settled in.


Today they dug the hole for the meter pole and attached the meter and main breaker boxes. Here they are lowering the meter pole into the hole. Afterwards we completed the pre hookup of the boxes and 8ft deep copper ground. The city electrician  showed up a little before 3pm and green tagged our work. We await now for the electric company to come and install there meter.


The city will have a crew here early in the morning to dig for our sewer hookup. After that we will run city water to our future site and a RV  50amp/30amp/20amp electrical box will be installed. We will do  the limb/tree clearing after all of our hookups are in place.



Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Wow! Great progress! Sounds like things are falling into place and you are about ready to enjoy that site!