Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Still Waiting On The Electric Company


We had hoped they would have been here by today but they were a no show. We picked up our 50amp RV breaker box today with a 20amp receptacle. They wanted $229 for one at the local RV Dealer but we found exactly what we needed at the local hardware store in Dangerfield for $146.

Tomorrow Wendell and James will go ahead and mount the box at our pole. They will then  run the wire in conduit and tie in to the  meter pole. This way we will have our part done and after the electric company does their part we will  have our electrical hookup. Once this is done and everything checks out they will bury the in ground electrical run.


Since its been four days with out any leaks we buried the water line today. Our plans are to put in a concrete slab around the sewer, water lines and the 50amp electrical pole. This way I will have a nice place to walk and do my hookups.

Sandy and I spent a good part of our morning cutting small tree stubs and raking in the area we will be building our patio. Our weather alarm just went off announcing we are under a tornado watch until 3am. There is a system moving our way from the west. Boy with all the bad weather we've had this year you just never know.

Oh I fell to mention we moved our 8x16ft cargo trailer over to the land today. We primarily use this for storage of our seasonal clothes and a couple pieces of antique furniture.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. hey short one 50 amp service lol Looks good