Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our First Motor Home


This is a photo of our first RV a 1989 PaceArrow by Fleetwood. The two ladies standing beside it are Sandy and her sister Pam. This was Sandy’s maiden voyage without me.Pam tagged along to give her support and help watch the right side when going through towns.The photo was taken at First Monday at Canton TX. Yes, we go back a long ways of selling goods at First Monday. This particular time we were peddling hand made Country Crafts. Our shop was located in what they called Old Town at that time. They have since tore down all the shacks and there's nothing but open fields now. Here is a photo of the shop and some of our wares hand made by Sandy and myself. She was the artiest and painter. I was the wood worker.


Another reason Pam accompanied Sandy was they had to go to to Camping World in Denton, TX to have leveling jacks installed on the motor home. They left Sunday evening after closing the shop and arrived at Camping World after dark. She said they drove around in the parking lot trying to face the bedroom away from I35 so the road noise would not keep them awake. Finally after deciding to have the MH facing toward the highway they went to bed. Laying there Sandy said this isn’t going to work because its to hot. So, up she sprained and went up front to turn the generator on so they could run the  A/C. Well guess what the old gen set was located in the outside compartment under the bed. It wouldn’t have matter where they parked as all they could here was the gen set running.

Laying there listening to the gen set Pam said I have read where campers have died from exhaust fumes from generators and what if we don’t wake up in the morning. Being the good sister that Sandy is she got out of bed and went to the front and turned off the gen set and A/C. About 2am in the morning Sandy woke up with sweat pouring off her body and immediately said “Sister, I don’t care if we don’t wake up in the morning it is to hot I’m turning the gen set and A/c back on.” About 6am the next morning Sandy woke up and turned to Pam and said “Sister guess what we did wake up.”

There are many other stories of our RVing experience and I’m sure all of you out there have similar stories to tell about your adventures in the life style of RVing. Have Speedy and Sheri  share some of their adventures. They will make you bust your gut from laughing.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

P.S. I don’t mean to bore you but since we don’t travel as much now we have no pretty photos and words about our trips to share. Besides this is my second time to use Live Writer and I needed the practice anyway.


  1. Good job on the Live Writer. Hope you got the picture thing down. You are correct Sherri and I have some whoppers to tell...funny thing is they are so far out there no one believes them..

  2. I think we all have a story or two. Miss you guys and all the laughs.