Monday, August 24, 2009

Two Days and Counting

ba_nose_bilobe2_2  We are down to two days and this on my nose will be gone. I have to be at VA Shreveport at 6am Thursday August the 27th. This means we will have to be up and out of here by 4:30 as its about an hour and half drive from Lone Star to VA. I will be honest the thought of this process has me a little jittery. The one on the left isn’t quite as big and certainly does not look as bad. If all goes well we should be back at the motor home by 2pm that day with a new nose. In reviewing George’s blog  he had a swollen eye with bruises. I guess I'll have two swollen eyes with lots of bruising.

They had to rush my Mom to the hospital Saturday evening as her blood sugar was 485 and her BP 200/106. Had us a little scared but upon arrival they managed to get these vital signs well under control. I suspect EMS had a lot to do with this as they gave her insulin there at Rosemont.  My sister followed EMS to the hospital and spent the night. When I talked to Mom Sunday morning her sugar was down to 180 and BP 110/69. She should be returning home sometime today. Mom will be 92 this October and she is a fighter. The Lord has blessed her with a good mind. Her only problems is her inability to walk. She certainly enjoys her scooter. It becomes her legs and takes her places otherwise she wouldn’t be able to go. She loves going out on the front porch and watching the planes take off and land at George Bush International Airport.

Sandy really likes her 12/4 now as Friday gives her a three day weekend. We took her Mom for some blood work Friday and visited her sister Pam in Longview. They really have a nice home and beautifully landscaped back yard with a pool. Saturday we went shopping in Longview as we have not had that fix since Sandy started working. We couldn’t understand why the stores were so crowed and the traffic was much more than a usual Saturday. We learned it was tax free weekend and that explained everything. We managed to work through it. We passed by Sam’s Club on the way home and Sandy all of a sudden said “I wonder if James needs bottled water for the workers”. She called and he said yes get me about 10 cases. So, I whipped into the parking lot near the exit and in she went. A few minutes later out she comes with her basket loaded with 10 cases of 30 bottles per case. I could barley see the top of her head. Being the calm dude that I am I asked her “Sweetie now how do you think we are going to get this in the Jeep”. If you believe that I have some ocean front property here in Lone Star to sell you.
Now mind you we were already pretty well loaded with groceries and our goodies from earlier shopping. Sandy being the “I can make it work” person that she is started rearranging thing’s in the back and about ten minutes later we had all ten cases in the back. However, I might add the Jeep seemed like it was riding on the frame due to all the weight. So, Down the road we went and it was a little more bumpy than normal.

Saturday night we watched The Bristol NASCAR race on TV. It did not disappoint us. All the cautions, wall scrapping and wrecks make it a good evening of entertainment. We were kind a glad to see young Kyle Bush finally win one. He may not have the personality that you like but you do have to admit he’s one heck of a driver. Sandy’s nephew Jeff and his wife MJ were at that race (his first NASCAR race).

Right now I hear thunder outside so maybe we will get a ;little rain before the day is out. Hope it doesn’t rain on Sandy’s work.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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