Friday, August 14, 2009

Sandy’s Visitor

Today was Sandy’s fourth week on her new job. They worked 12 hours today as starting Monday they are going to start 12/4 because the distance they are having to go now requires more drive time. She was a little pooped when she got home tonight around 8pm. She’s looking forward to the 12/4 as this will give her Friday’s off making it a three day weekend.

Sandys Visitor

Today she had a visitor stroll up to the front of her RTV. She said this guy really was curious about her RTV and really like licking the front bumper. One of the weed eaters walked up from the rear and reached out his hand. The bull did not take well of that and chased him into the RTV. They weed eated four miles today and are now only about a mile behind the two mowers with their 15ft bat wing brush hogs. They hope to catch up with them Monday.

Here are before and after photos.

before weed eating after weed eating

I just can’t imagine doing this job 12/4. Sandy is the RTV driver and line finder. Once she finds the line she will mark the line with fiberglass markers. They have the emergency phone number on them and usually are about 3/4 mile apart depending upon the terrain. If the line are exposed like across a creek she has to lay two markers. The team that is mowing from the Corsicana side are having about a three hour to and from drive. Another reason for the 12/4. Sandy’s crew consist of three weed eaters and her self. She also said they could not weed eat at two locations for fear of two bit bull dogs that where behind flimsy fences.

Today I did laundry and moped her title floors with water and vinegar. Dusted the furniture and washed what dishes I messed up during the day. I would like to say I had dinner on the table when she got home but I’m no cook. So my sweetie also prepared our dinner by going to the local cafe and getting us a meal to go. I would have done this but at the time she did not know when she would get home. We will go into town tomorrow which now with her working is once a week and do a major grocery shop. Maybe we can come up with some simple receipts that I can do.LOL!

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers

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  1. Wow...I am still amazed. Hope you are having a great time at your job.

    Weldon, don't you love live writer. Makes the blogging a lot easier.