Thursday, August 13, 2009

Surgery Moved Back

I received a call from VA advising my basal cell surgery on my nose must be moved back until the 27th of August. I asked why and was told they had to move another patient in front of me whose surgery was more of an emergency than mind. I at first was a little put out as the anticipation jitters would continue for another week. Then I said to myself I needed to be thankful as the person that bumped me was a lot more serious than mine..... So I will have to wait tell this happens to update you. I was reading George's journal who had a similar surgery and he came through okay with the exception of a swollen eye which he said is normal with this type of surgery. I have two one on each side I can't imagine what that's going to end up looking like.

Sandy's job is just going great. She's up every morning at 5am and off by 6am. Her job is a little closer to Lone Star now so she's home a little earlier than 7pm. They started another line that goes nearly to Corsicana, TX. Her crew is starting from this end and going toward the other crew who started near Corsicana. They hope to meet somewhere half way in about two weeks.

This role reversal has me feeling a little guilty as this probably should be me doing this with her staying at home, however it's nice to know she loves what she is doing and more importantly paying off some of the major expenses we've had on the home on wheels.

Some good news we have a pending contract on my mothers home. Hopefully bar any last minute glitches will close on it by September 10th. The family has already been pre-approved by the bank with a couple of things that have to be ironed out but lets pray that all goes well. We put the house on the market in March and five months later sold it. I've read other journals where some of the RV dreamers have also sold their homes in the last few weeks. Maybe the economy is on its way back. Lets hope so.

Here are a couple of before and after photos of Sandy's weed eating crew at work.

Until next time....MtnAire Travlers.

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