Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Solution

Klasse does t again 001

This is the side of my coach I used The Solution sold by Mark Hall who can be reached at the following URL:

This product does an excellent job in washing your RV as well as leaving a very smooth protective finish. Best of all its very easy to apply and removed. I was able to do the entire 2/3rds all the way around in about an hour and half. I did not prewash the coach, now mind you it wasn’t filthy dirty but had two trips of road grime on the lower sections.

Mark advises you can use this product just about on any surface of your RV. Your mirrors, window glass and fiberglass. Contact him he will be happy to set you up. No, Mark did not ask me to provide this information on this excellent product. I am sold on using it between the Klasse treatment. When we get off the road it doesn’t take long to get the coach looking good again.

I was reading George’s journal yesterday wherein he put photo of himself showing his recent basal cell removal. He also gave a website address

After reviewing this I have to be a little honest “It scared the H__  out of me”. I have one of these suckers on each side of the old smeller. Keep me in your prayers next Thursday the 27th. A word of caution to any of you out there who are sun worshippers please use the sun screen and if you have anything usual appear on the nose go get it checked out.

Until next time…MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. I had the mole on my temple checked out and it is a carratonan.(sp) Not cancer but they do get bigger so I will have it removed. Good luck with yours.