Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Day After Black Friday

I let Sandy talk me into going with her to Tyler for a little shopping.  most of the stores where busy with shoppers but we think the big crowd was yesterday. Most of the stores made the proper preparation in staffing their stores with floor salespersons and cashiers. While driving the loop we saw two pretty bad accidents on the opposite side of the lane we were on.

Best Buy was the busiest and their inventory was adequate along with plenty of floor people to assist and answer your questions.
We stopped at SAMs on our way back to Canton and it was wall to wall with shoppers. The lines at the check out went pretty slow.

After leaving SAMs we drove across the way to Rudy's real Texas BQ. Sandy had their chopped beef and I had their sliced  beef sandwiches. All I can say is delicious.


They have two types of BQ sauce "sissy and regular". The sissy was a little to sweet for me. Their country store was interesting.



On our way to Canton Friday I saw a field of buffalo, camels, ostriches and zebras. It wasn't that far from Canton so we took a drive over to see what this was all about. The buffalo were not out or they were further back in the pasture. This place is called Toon Town Ranch and we suspect you can drive down the road and get a close up of the animals.
(click on photos to enlarge)


There were about four zebras, about a dozen camels, and one ostrich. We will try to go back tomorrow to see if the buffalo are out.


Look at those horns on the cow or bull laying down. I don’t believe this is a Texas longhorn there to close together and extend up instead to the side.


Some times the zebras would chase the camels and then the camels would chase the zebras. The ostrich just watched. image

I guess these guys thought we might have something for them to eat as they came charging from the back of the pasture up to the fence line where we were.



This place is south of Wills Point TX off I20, exit 516. The service road is a two way road and if in the area drop by and take a look for your self's. Sandy thought if we got to close to the camels they would spit on us.

I could just kick my self in the buttocks as I probably missed the best football game of the weekend Nevada vs. Boise State. I turned the game off when Boise State was leading Nevada by 17 points. Woke up this morning and I be darn if Nevada didn't tie Boise in regulation time and won it by a field goal in the 2nd overtime 34-31. This loss obviously knocked Boise out of the BCS hunt.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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