Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Move to Arlington

Sandy and I both were up at 6am and made our final preparations for departure to Arlington. Our morning low was 43 dredgers. Trying to roll up the 50amp power cord was like trying to roll up a 50ft board. Took several attempts to get it tucked away.

An interesting point most of our counties are dry. You have to drive awhile to find a wet county to purchase alcohol. The small community of Winnoa recently voted itself wet. It  seems overnight they opened six liquor stores all within 50 yards of one another. Their draw is from Tyler and other dry counties in the area. We also learned from BIL James Lone Star voted itself wet in the past election and property on Hwy 259 through town has sky rocketed. He said the many empty buildings will be converted to liquor stores. It' a shame that the it takes the evils of alcohol to turn a community from a ghost town to a thriving business community again.


After getting up on I20 and headed west the winds picked up to 30 miles an hour so much for good fuel mileage. It wasn't long before we came across this accident that had just happened.



After getting through this we headed to Loves that has a  Carl’s Jr for one of their scratch biscuits.
What has happened to diesel prices $3.12cash or $3.17 credit card. Also look what they have done if you want to dump they now have a $5.00 fee.image

Now tell me what has happened to that friendly attitude toward RVer's. Now that Pilot owns Flying J their fuel prices  are no longer the cheapest. Is all of this a conspiracy against RVer's. Enough ranting.

We arrived at Speedco where David our assigned crew chief directed Sandy into one of their bays. Before long three crew members jumped on the motorhome and did their PM service on the engine and chassis. They changed the oil filter and two fuel filters. The one on the engine was not that easy to change. JD finally won out and “got r done”. I was surprised to see the ISL 400 Cummins took 26 quarts of oil.

imageWhile here I had them change the oil, fuel filter and oil filter on the genset. Now this took some doing as it took one hour to perform this service. Most of the delay was due to not having the proper wrenches to undo the fittings of the fuel filter. While they backed Sandy out I went in to settle up. After paying them $254 I went outside and Sandy already had the Jeep hooked up. What a gal!

We arrived at the KOA at 1pm and was assigned to our spot #321. We loaded our displays and product into the Jeep and headed to the Arlington Convention Center where we set up our booth from 5pm till 9pm. We arrived back at the motorhome about 9:30 where we had a quick snack and settled down to some TV watching. Tomorrow the show starts and we hope their will be a good crowd.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Good luck at the Peddler Show. It always does well in Arlington.

    Mac & Dianna