Thursday, November 18, 2010

Peddler Show


Day one started at 5pm and went till 9pm. Our start  was a little slow but gained momentum as the evening progressed. I learned real quickly how I missed not having the motorhome behind our booth like at Canton. What I'm getting to is this….just sitting in the back of our booth just doesn't cut it. I miss the ability to go inside the motorhome, lean back in my Lazy Boy and take a nap. Boy am I spoiled. I just can't imagine what tomorrow and Saturday are going to be like. Those show hours run ten hours each.

I don't do well selling a lady's purse insert.  No sir re.Let's see I find myself telling some women who are beyond the child bearing age  that the purse insert it will also work well in their diaper bag. The look I get just runs chills up my spine.


Or, how about “these sure helps you keep your purse organized where you can find things.” and their response is I don't want to be that organized. We’ve had men buy them for organizing their center consoles in their SUV’s or trucks. Had one guy ask if they came in camo as he would use it for organizing  his ammo.


The best of all is "it allows you to change purses fast and your husband doesn't have to wait long while you do the shifting”. Her response…. well he just will have to wait.
Just like what happened tonight I had given Sandy a break and a lady asking if we had other key finders ring and clumsy me says sure I reach back to bring out the third


fey finder and the rack slipped out of my hand and fell to the floor. The lady was real nice she just laughed and proceeded to purchase three of them.  Yea......We're in the money. Boy, if there was a way to bring the motorhome here I would but the Jeep will just have to do tomorrow for those little siesta's.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Good luck with your sales. My mom and I both use one of these and love them! Blessings, K