Saturday, November 20, 2010

Peddler Show Final Day


We had to get up a little earlier this morning as we wanted to get to the show early to assure ourselves a close by parking for our load out this evening. We did our usual stop at McDonalds for breakfast. We noticed for some reason there were a lot of street people there. Particularly their bathroom where two guys were washing their face and brushing their teeth. My heart goes out for people like this that have fallen on hard times.  One particular gentleman who was setting in a corner next to a window caught my eye. It seems he was staring off into space I'm sure pondering his today or perhaps just his past. It was quite cool this morning and I just don't know how they manage
to survive.


When we arrived at the convention center we found other vendors had the same idea as the best parking spots were already taken.  Was able  to park fairly close to the load out door. While setting in our Jeep waiting for the doors to open we noticed a Arlington police car pulled into the parking lot escorting a truck trailer with a portable watch tower on top. We don't know if they were setting it up for today's show or tomorrows Cowboy game.
This being Saturday and our last day the crowd waiting to get in looked larger than the past two mornings. We had our first sale right away so maybe we are off to a good start.


Went to the Jeep for my morning nap. This guy stopped by and looked in on me. The plane traffic was just as busy as the prior days and the roar of the jet engines at a distance did their job of luring me to sleep.
While Setting  in the Jeep I couldn't help but fell this day was going to be a good crowd day. Cars kept circling the lower parking lot, like vultures circling a dead animal, looking for a spot to park. Eventually I noticed most of them headed up hill to the upper parking lot which is a pretty good walk to the entrance of the show.
Hey I better get back in there with our back up inventory just in case Sandy was running out of some colors. Sure enough as I walked into the building all I could see and hear were people, every aisle wall to wall and no bowling balls down the aisle today as it would be a guaranteed strike.


I noticed while setting in the back of our booth and observing Sandy as she pitched her product If you tied Sandy's hands I don't believe  she would be able to talk or sale a thing.

One of the sponsors for the show is Chick-Fil- A and the black and white cow was walking the aisles. Tried to get Sandy to have our picture taken with the cow and she wouldn't imagehave any part of it. Haha 

What's this a vending machine that accepts credit cards! What's next?
We quite accepting credit cards about three years ago. We first were scared to death that it would hurt our sales. We went ahead with the decision to stop and haven't looked back. I can not count on one hand the number of sales we lost since making that decision. Most would pull out cash or wrote us a check once they learned we didn't do credit cards.


Well the sun is about to set on another show. there is only one hour left before it closes and we began the tear down and load out process. Over all on a scale of 1 to 5 with one being excellent we rate the show as a 2.75 not excellent but not the worst either. We had to make four trips to the Jeep wish our product before we were out of there.

We check out tomorrow and head over to Cowtown RV Park where we will meet up with our good friends the Halls and meet for the first time Rod and Deb Kendall as well as  John and Brenda Brown.  We've been following both of their blogs for some time and we feel we already know them. Can't wait for the fun to begin. Hope we haven't board you to much with this craft show business.

Until next time . . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. I can relate to the hand gestures! I look like I am using sign language when I get excited! Have fun with the friends