Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What A Week…Disaster One…Diaster Two… Thing's Looking Up

Oh where to start???/ I guess we need to go to the positive things that happened last week. Sandy and I  spent the first weekend in November doing that annual purge…..if you haven’t used it in one year out it goes. We went through every drawer, closet, shelving and crease of the motor home and ended up with three piles. One to the trash, the  second to  Goodwill and third to our 18ft cargo trailer we used for storage and seasonal clothes. I also added some wood and metal shelving to one of her cabinets in the bedroom. With this purge she was able to gain two cabinets over my Lazy boy recliner her groceries, chips, bread and crackers. We were quite proud of our accomplishments.


It was the cargo trailer storage stuff that set off disaster #1. I had came from the shop after dropping off some items in one of our metal cabinets and the brilliant idea popped into my head and  I said…. “Hey it would be a good idea to pull the Jeep out of the storage shed  and back it up to the motor home where we could load up the Goodwill bags as well as those items designated to the cargo trailer.” Now mind you Sandy does not like me backing the Jeep from this spot as there is a 4” diameter pole there holding one corner of the shed up and you guessed it it happens to be on my bad eye side. But, shucks I can handle that I’ve done it many times before. Sooo I hopped  the Jeep   proceeded backing……. yep you  guessed it my turn was to sharp. The next thing I heard was crunch and the shed went to shaking. I didn’t want to get out and look to see what kind of damaged I did on that side so I pulled up and proceeded  to back deeper before my cut. After I pulled into the front of the motor home I slowly walked around to the passenger side  and to my surprise there wasn’t any apparent damage to the body. Whew how fortunate can one get then I heard this psheeeeeeeee,  looked down and the right rear tire was going down. I looked closer and yep there it was about a 4” gash in the tire and my aluminum wheel was ripped all the way across. What had happened is I turned into this  metal plate. Look closely and you see the rubber from the tire on the plate. image
So now we have to buy a new tire. Why didn’t I listen. Yep, Sandy  was quite upset with my dumb move. So Tuesday morning off to Sam’s we go prepared to lay down about $150-$175. When I told the service tech what I needed he said let me go look at the tire and I’ll be right back. About ten minutes later he came rolling the new tire up to the counter and said lets see with the adjustment we will allow you owe us $70.00. Wow can’t beat that deal at all so we got our first lucky break. By the way had he not allowed for the adjustment we would have paid $150.00 plus tax.

Now this brings us to last Thursday and disaster #2. I was out at the cargo trailer helping Sandy rearrange the trailer and we started several Goodwill bags. To get them out of our way I placed them on the ground just outside the cargo doors so all we had to do was throw them into the Jeep and head to Goodwill. We had some shelving units in the back of the trailer and I wanted them out to gain more storage space. There were four units (we used these back in the days of woodcrafts) so one by one I proceeded to gather them up and walk around with them to the side of the trailer. Yes….. you can see it coming can’t you…..Disaster #2. It was the fourth unit that did the trick as I walked around to the side I tripped (yep on them bags for Goodwill).


The next thing I knew was I heard Sandy yelling to the top of her lungs …”What happened!!!!!1… What did you do!!!!!!.” Then I looked up and saw this black cloud that has been following me around all that week and I heard a voice …You Jack Wagon!!!!! there is just something about you that really ticks me off!!!!! I had tripped and fallen on my left side probably for a brief moment I was knocked completely out. As I tried to gather myself I felt this screeching pain in my left rip cage and the left side of my face was throbbing. I tried to get up and just couldn’t. After about ten minutes while I finally regained some abnormally I finally got up and heard Sandy say we need to go to the Emergency Room. After calming set in I decided that I wasn’t hurt that bad and saw no need for a trip to the hospital. So I was able to walk back to the motor home and that is where I’ve been except for today I felt good enough to go to Longview VA for my blood work.


My left eye and only good eye swelled just about shut where I had difficulty in seeing and reading. My left side hurt so bad I could not type on the keyboard, sleep in bed, dare not cough or strain. I remembered a horse liniment that my mom used for her arthritis called Absorbine Veterinary Liniment. This stuff really has helped my side as now I’m able to lift, walk, set and turn without a lot of pain.

I fell it will get better each day it just about has to as next week we are off to Arlington TX for a Country Peddler show the weekend before Thanksgiving.


Our set up is not all that time consuming but it will entail lifting and carrying out displays and product from the Jeep to the Convention Center. We also hope to sneak in a brief visit with Mark and Dortha.

Until next time….MtnAire Traveler's.


  1. Last week must have been the week for injuries. I fell flat on my face and hurt and bruised both knees. I know Marilyn Dray tripped over the water hoses and hurt herself. Just a bad week!

  2. Sorry to hear about your fall and the tire.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Hoping you can stay over a day or two...or plan to stay and spend Thanksgiving with us. We should be in Fort Worth on Sunday.


  3. Tough week, but glad you avoided the hospital. Perhaps hired help is the next move to organize some of the stuff.

  4. Good stuff that Absorbine, but the smell! Wowsers! My wife grew up as a "city girl", so when I first used it many years ago....well, it's a good thing we had a comfy couch...

  5. Sometimes it is best to just stay in bed!
    Hope you feel better soon