Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Move To Canton First Monday

Sure was glad I did most of our make ready chores yesterday as it was cold this morning. We got our goodbye hugs and said "se ya down the road". Our departure was around 9:30am with our arrival at 11:25am. Before going to the Pavilion we stopped and filled up with diesel at $3.05 a gallon. our fuel mileage was 8.7 mpg not bad considering the extra weight we were carrying. I  filled our fresh water tank before leaving Cowtown not knowing if the water would be on at Canton. Also the six grids used to display our product isn't normally on board as we store them at Canton with our neighbors grids.
It didn't take us long to set the home up behind our booth. Afterward we had lunch at the Diary Queen and had their $5 Texas Burger meal deal which was a hamburger, drink,  fries and a mini blizzard.

Watched football the rest of the afternoon. Could not believe Auburn came back and won after being down 24 points. I can see why Oregon is rated #1. They are one of the best balanced teams I've seen and just about turn over free.

We had left over taco soup tonight boy was it good. Talked to my mom tonight and she had Thanksgiving at my sisters house. She fell and broke her big right toe so she was a little sore. The weather man says our low tonight will be in upper 20's. May have to run the furnace tonight so we can get heat to our bays. Don't need for our plumping to freeze.

I learned tonight that The City of Canton has launched a First Monday App. for I-Phones which will show you how to get here via GAPS, show different First Monday locations, and eventually enable you to take pictures of where you are to save. Next month they will have all this on Android phones.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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