Friday, November 19, 2010

Peddler Show Day 2

We were up before 6am and proceeded to put things together for our day two of the Peddler Show. Our morning was a little crisp and windy. We stopped for breakfast at McDonalds. Our crowd was not bad outside waiting for us to open. 

Long about 11:30 I felt like it was time for the morning zzzzzzzz's. Went to the Jeep for a little nap. While out there I couldn't help but recognize the convention center must be close to the DFW airport as the overhead air traffic was pretty busy with their landing and take off patterns. The jet engine noise was like a tranquilizer though as it certainly aided in my zonking out.

After about a thirty minute power nap I returned to the booth to fine Sandy had done quite well in my absence. She does this anyway whether I'm there or not. The crowd was a little light for a Friday. Oh well there’s always tomorrow.

It was nice when we ran into a lot of our friends that are still doing the Peddler. Brought back memories when we did the shows on regular bases. Hey... guess what I let Sandy take a brake (wasn't that nice of me) and your not going to believe this but I sold a large black purse insert to a lady who was buying for her mother.


This is where I hang out during the show back where I don't bother anyone. A customer came to the back table where I was and I said hi there and scared the dickens out of her. I gave her the product pitch while Sandy was busy with a customer up front… yep she purchased two of them. Maybe I can sell these things after all.

About 3:30pm I felt a nap coming on and ventured to the Jeep. After a brief nap I walked back onto the convention center and knew right away things might be a little slow. When you see vendors outside there booth visiting and you can throw a bowling ball down the aisle and maybe hit a customer or two .... yep things were pretty slow.
We are expecting the crowd to pick up after 5 pm when people get off work.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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