Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Move To Cowtown RV Park

Sandy and I both were in bed early Saturday night as the events of our final day and load out just zapped us both.
You would think we would sleep in Sunday morning but no Sandy was up at her usual 6:15am time. Plan was to drive our departure route in the Jeep since we could not exit the RV park and go back to I20 due to the medina on Cooper Street.

imageWe also remembered a Mimi's Cafe on the feeder road of I20. We first experienced this restaurant  chain in Southern  California doing craft shows several years back. What we remembered where their homemade muffins. So our game plan was to also find Mimi’s.
Sandy put on a load of laundry and off we went. Soon we found Mimi’s and Sandy purchased four of their muffins, let's see blue berry, carrot, and two buttermilk. Boy they were just as good as we remembered.


We made one last trip by the Dallas Cowboy’s Stadium as I wanted to take this photo of the stadium near the small lake. This lake also backs up to the the Ballpark where the Texas Rangers baseball team plays.

Back at the motorhome Sandy was able to do three more loads of laundry before our departure to Cowtown RV Park where we would spend our Thanksgiving with friends Mark/Dortha , Joe/Sheri and new friends John/Brenda and Rod/Deb.


We departed for Cowtown around noon and arrived right behind Joe and Sheri. After setting up Joe and Sheri dropped by and we caught up on all that has gone on in our life's since our last contact. Later we went and ate at a wonderful pizza place called Zinna Pizza. Boy was it good. Afterwards we did the Walmart thing.

Monday was the day everyone else arrived John and Brenda, Mark and Dortha, and Deb and Rod arriving last. It was certainly nice to meet up with old and meet new friends. Boy were their some jawing going on around the circle last night. Around 6pm we decided it was time to go eat. We decided on BQ and the 5 girls loaded into Marks Jeep and the 5 guys in Rod’s Edge and off to Spring Creek BQ we go. We all had excellent meals and enjoyed the friendship of everyone.

Tuesday the girls left for their shopping fixes at Costco, The Container store and I’m not sure how many more stops they made. The guys just hung around discussing and resolving all the world problems.

Untilk next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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