Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Day Trip

insert Sandy received a call from a lady that lived in Edgewood TX who was interested in her purse inserts. She was an expecting new mom and was trying to decide between the extra large and extra large tall purse inserts (Extra Large = 12" across  7" tall and 6" wide Extra Large Tall = 12" across 10" tall and 6" wide). She was wanting to use it in her diaper bag. As you can see these are like large bags to begin with I just can't imagine why  anyone would need something so large. Of course being a man we never understand why women need all those things with them. Sandy being the sales person she is said we would be250px-Mineola_street_scene_1 happy to meet her half way so that she could have a hands on and decide by trying the insert in her diaper bag. Well half way turned out to be Mineola, TX. We’ve been wanting to take a day trip to this northeast Texas town for some time as it is known for its burgeoning bed-and-breakfast spot, with a revitalized downtown area that houses a variety of restaurants, antique shops and other businesses. Texas Governor Jim Hogg lived in Mineola and his daughter Ima Hogg was born in a house in this city. The house still stands and is marked by a historical marker.    mineola03

There is also a Amtrak Station located here and it so happened when we arrived one was pulling into the station. We met the young lady at the local Dairy Queen and after trying the two different sizes she decided on the extra large. And, yes her diaper bag was huge which I understand is needed to hold all them diapers, baby powder, bottles etc.
She will have the compartments in the inside of the purse insert.
The card pocket is inside the cosmetic pocket so that it can be enclosed andexttall secure. It also allows for some of your small items to remain close to the top of the bag for easy access. You can turn it inside out and try it with the pockets inside or outside.   Two of the pockets have zippered closures.
After the sale we drove back to Longview where Sandy had to pickup some medicine and groceries for her mom.

Sandy’s team won!


Dallas Cowboy Star (2)
 34                                        3


Until next time…MtnAire Travlers.



  1. I'm not sure who your first commenter was, but Hello right back at them. At least now we know what it is you are selling. We've been wondering.

    Nice to take a day trip, meet someone new, have a fun day and make a sale while you are at it.

  2. Like Jerry, I was wondering what you sold at Canton too. Go Vikings!