Friday, January 15, 2010

Someone’s Out there Trying To Get Into Our Knickers!

robber Yes….there are people out there that will try anything and everything to rip you off. It all started when we received an email from our bank advising there were some unusual activities on our debit card and to call a certain 800 number if the charges on our account where not done by you. Going on line we saw right away where there were three pending debit card transactions done in California and Tennessee that we had no earthly idea what they were about let alone knew who it was that was using our debit card. After talking with the banks security department advising them of the fraudulent charges we cancelled our debit card immediately.
Fortunately, we are protected from this kind of activity but they advised us we should contact the police about the unauthorized use of our debit card. One of the accounts where our card was compromised had a 800 number to call. We called and told them about the unauthorized use of our card and they where kind enough to give us the phone number of the person that had used our number. Our first instinct was to call this number to find out who was this joker but we decided it would be best to turn it all over to the police for handling.

police car Now let me tell you what a circus we went through to find out the proper procedure we needed to use to file a complaint about this activity. Our local police said since this occurred out of state we had to contact the authorities in the state where the crime occurred. We next tried the CHPS in California and they said they did not do this and we needed to call the LA Police or Sheriff  Dept. Which we did ----they referred us to a special criminal investigation body who in turn referred us back to our local police. It seems we have to fill out a form here in order to get the ball rolling. Now why didn’t our police know about this? It’s probably because it’s such a small community. In the mean time the crook is probably out of the country. So, word of advise… watch your account closely we have racked our brains and have no idea how this person got the debit card number. Remember there’s someone out there that wants to get into your knickers.
Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. What a mess. I hope you get it straightened out soon.

  2. Hi What a mess, I wonder how they did that?
    You don't have to publish this, but 'nickers' is like neighing of a horse.
    'Knickers' are undergarments.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  3. Thanks Penny for the correct spelling on knickers. We have no idea how they got our card number.

  4. We almost never use our debit card. About the only time we use it is to get cash back from our very trusted local stores, and only when we have eyes wide open and control of the card and PIN number. Even so ...

    By the way, you spelled knickers correctly, so there!

  5. Jason had the same thing happen to him just the other day. Someone charged airline tickets to his card.