Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meet Pumpkin

Our past two days have been just  gorgeous! They are saying however this is about to change as tomorrow night we will have a front dropping down that will drop our temps this weekend into the low 40’s and mid 20’s. Our best chance for precip will be Thursday. This comes as no surprise as it’s a winter Canton weekend. Today we finalized our booth set up and while out there we heard a voice come over a loud speaker system.  Since a tornado touched down near here this last week I guess they installed a system to alert us of bad weather. In looking around we spotted the speaker just above our booth. The city side has had this feature so we now have ours. I don’t know what people will do if we ever have a bad storm with a tornado as there are no shelters around. Just sheet metal pavilions with open sides and ends. The restrooms will not hold a Canton weekend crowd.

I spent most of the afternoon washing the motor home with The Solution. I’m still impressed with this product that I picked up from Mark with Rving with Poppa. It’s been a while since I have washed the Motor Home with water and soap.

image Our neighbors fur kid Pumpkin is one smart dog. This evening we were out in our booth and she came walking across the aisle with her nose to the ground. Carla her owner said she was going shopping. One of our neighbors down the way has a booth that caters to pets. The usual things like sweaters, beds, rawhide biscuits, stuffed animals etc. They put up a tarp as a gate when they are not opened. Pumpkin made her way down to the booth and crawled under the tarp. In a few minutes she came back out with a stuffed elephant in her mouth. Carla will pay the vendor tomorrow.image
She has her own chair and electric blanket while here at Canton. She is of the Vizsla breed. Her hair is real short, very little shedding and she easily gets cold. Another characteristic that I like about Pumpkin is she is a very quiet dog, only barking if necessary or provoked. Sometimes when these dogs feel neglected or want something, they will cry. Being a fur kid of Carla’s, I can assure you Pumpkin is never negnov blog 011lected. In fact Carla has just about got her saying “mama”. When  she holds a treat out in her hand Carla will coach Pumpkin to saying “mama” and I’ll  be darn if she just about says “mama”. Don Pumpkin's dad says she will just about root you out of bed. Being of the pointer breed she loves to track birds that are in the Pavilion rafters. Also on her walks out on the grounds she puts her nose to the ground for the squirrels that are out there and when she finds one she’ll come to the most beautiful point you’ll ever see. As you probably have gathered by now, Pumpkin is a very good friend of mine. We look forward to each month so we can see and visit with her and her pawrents.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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