Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Record Low Temperatures Coming

Well now I know trying to post in the old journal everyday was putting a lot of pressure on the mind and probably boring  the readers as well. Lets see what has gone on with the MtnAire Travlers since my last posting. We left Canton this past  Monday and returned to base here in Lone Star, TX.
The Cummins ISL400 engines oil pressure light/gauge did not act up so just maybe the computer update they did in Houston has put that issue behind us. Lets hope so anyway. The back up monitor did its job without any hang ups.It always amazes me how things can appear to be wrong and then the next time they are in good working order. I guess when you have something that's 41ft long and weighs 37,000 lbs with all the different gadgets and gizmos you can expect things like this to happen. While we prefer they don’t and love those kind of trips without incident it sometimes just happens.

It has been a little over two weeks since Sandy had been to her mothers we found she was in dire need of groceries. We also needed supplies and had to go to the bank. So after setting up the home we were off to Mt Pleasant where we managed to do about a two hour shop at Wally World. By the time we got back it was late. Enjoyed another evening of football. Speaking of football I have managed to watch either a part or all 33 bowl games to date with tomorrow being the 34th and of course being from Texas the biggest of them all.

Yesterday we were back at VA Shreveport where my dermatologist did five more skin biopsy’s  on different parts of my arms, hands, shoulder and neck. They still have not been able to tie the old rash problem to anything yet. Maybe this time.

This morning we had breakfast with BIL James at Arnolds and where then off to Longview to pick up a ceramic heater and special halogen lamp for Sandy’s refrigerator. Now you talk about being expensive that little bulb cost me nearly $4.00. While at the RV dealer I investigated the Extend-A-Stay LP kit for possibly adding an external auxiliary propane  bottle to the MH. I have never heard of this and was curious as to what it did and how you added it to your bottle. The young lady that helped me managed to confuse me even more so I will go on line to see if I can learn more.

The reason I’m  wanting to do this is we are expected to have record low temperatures for the next four nights here and I’m sure we will suck up the propane trying to stay warm. The ceramic heater so far is keeping it warm but our coldest weather is not due till tomorrow evening.

Wow! Double overtime the GMAC bowl game  between  Central Michigan  & Troy just ended with Central Michigan coming out on top 43-41. This was a good ballgame. Let’s just hope the game tomorrow night between the Texas Longhorns and Alabama is just as exciting regardless of winner.

Looking good!remain looking good

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Hi, I have used an Extend-A-Stay, and it isn't that difficult to hook up. You will love the freedom of not having to move the rig to get propane.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX